There Is A Method To My Madness

Morning People!

How’s your Tuesday going so far? Mine is going awesome so far.  I made it to yoga, which not gonna lie, was kind of a struggle.  I was TIRED and it was COLD.  I haven’t gone to a 6 am. class in forever, but I took my time and really didn’t exert myself too much.  Well worth it and I treated myself well right after.  You’ll see… Muhahahaha

Let’s backtrack, shall we?


Mix of fun and not so fun.  Fun First!



A little something before yoga.  I work up late and needed to put something in my stomach asap so it would kinda digest before class.  Ehh, not so great, still felt it.  Whoops.  Yoga was good though.  I got a new buddy, so we got to talk a little before and after class.  Love sharing the experience!


Had lunch with my momma!  Chipotle it was and it was delicious!






IMG_4778Work and a graperfruit… Not so fun.

My Method

lalalalala you caught me!  I am not vegan.  I am not vegetarian.  I am not a pescatarian.  I AM though a flexitarian.  Yes, I said it.  I made up my own lingo, like I make up my own diet.  Why? Because I can.

As featured on my blog, instagram, and facebook, everything from nutritional yeast and tofu to meat and eggs can be seen on my blog.  It’s only been till recently, about a month ago.  I pretty much eat everything now, still mostly plants though.  So naturally, people question.  Whether it’s “I thought you can’t eat that” to “You’re not vegan” and my favorite “You’re cheating!”  I know some are just wondering, joking, or even congratulating me.  A funny reaction if you ask me.  So yes, I mostly try and lead a plant based diet right now.  With eggs that I buy from a local farm (free range, veggie-fed, no antibiotics) and red meat (100% grassfed and local) to fish (wild caught preferably), I make sure I know where my food is coming from.

It’s a funny concept to grasp for others.  Even my parents will see me eat meat, so they assume I would eat it anywhere.  This is why I say I try and eat “vegan”.  Just so people think, ok so she won’t want me to feed her a ham sandwich to come over.

Why now?  Cravings, my dear.  After Thanksgiving that temperature dropped.  My body became cold, days were long, and my body needed to keep up.  You know how people freak out about putting on weight in the winter, from all that heavy food, and a lot of it?  It’s winter people!  Your body has to be well nourished to make it through the season!  Just like in Alaska they eat blubber and wild game to keep warm.  Heavy meals, high protein meats, and extra fat does that body good!  If you are anything like me, easily sensitive to extreme tempatures, especially coldness, then you need this.  Which is why I don’t mind having that food right now.  Winter is a dormant season here in dirty Jersey, vegetables are scarce and expensive… now I might be making excuses 😉

This is a short story made long.  My bad.  Had a lot to say, bare with me as I vent and maybe educate you a little?  C’mon don’t you wish to go to Alaska and eat some of that wild game?!?!  I actually would love to try that.  I’ve had crocodile once, bitches get at my level.  Anyways, nobody needs a reason to defend what they eat, I firmly believe everyone is entitled to consume what they like, or love.  Just keep in mind how it affects your body, for better or worse?  Treat your body right and most likely you treat others right as well!

Wanna know the best decision I’ve made since the new year?  2013?


Whipped Banana Oatmeal in a peanut butter jar.  I ran out of raisins, so I thought dark chocolate chips would make a good substitution.  Antioxidants, duh!

Enjoy your lovely day lovelies!



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