I got cravings.  Like every other mamacita (and chico!) out there, I can crave anything from sugar and caffeine to kale salads and some hummus.  I believe in following your  cravings.  Not necessarily giving in to them, but understanding them.  You want some sugar – try eating more fruit.  Craving a juicy burger?  Try eating more healthy fats and proteins like avocados and almonds.  Catching my drift?

Yet, sometimes going right to the source solves that salivating thought.

It’s simple really, and we all have heard it.  We shouldn’t deprive ourselves.  We shouldn’t eat what we don’t like (even love).  We should enjoy every bite of  food we are blessed to have.  It almost seems simple enough, but in reality, most of us find it difficult.  Too busy to cook, too poor to buy healthy food, too stressed, lazy, … the list goes on.  In today’s world and American ways, people are busy!  Convenience has become God’s gift to the world.  We are tempted to eat foods that we ourselves know aren’t good for us.  Maybe, we just give in, and say “Hey, I’m too tired and lazy to cook, chips for dinner sounds awesome.”

My excuse?  I’ve been craving cheese for the longest, mac ‘n cheese, pasta, enchiladas… bring it on!  Why I don’t usually eat cheese, is a matter of ethical and sustainable beliefs on where my food comes from.  I want to know where, how, and in what conditions did this milk come from.  Now, I know most people say, huh?  Now a days cheese gets the rep of something that is utterly delicious, but high in fat and calories.  Especially, when melted and hot and oozing all over your plate.  Not what I’m concerned about, and sometimes it sucks.

Lately when I’ve been craving something, I make sure I know whats going on.  If it’s dessert, I make it myself, usually dairy-free.  Eggs?  Buy them and make them myself.  Meat?  Organic, pastured-raised, or local is what I look for to cook at home.  Not for nothing, that’s money, time, and effort.  I don’t live on a farm or live in an area where chickens are grazing all year long.

I thought this was something that I was getting over through the years, and maybe this was just a slip up, but I actually sat down with my own will-power and consciously ate pizza.  No restaurant messed up my order, no person was unaware of my lifestyle, and nobody made me feel bad about not eating.  I sat down and helped myself to a few slices of pizza.  With the family and a glass of wine, couldn’t have been better, right?  It’s part of the reason I had it, family time.  Well in my mind, yes.  I actually felt guilty.  Not because it was my second dinner or because it was later than my usual dinner time or because it was so fattening, but because I thought about hormones and factories.  I thought about how it wasn’t even necessary since I wasn’t that even that hungry.  I thought I could get over it after a couple of bites, even if I focused on the family time and bonding, but afterwards I felt exactly the same… deprived.

Isn’t it just more convenient just to get something from your local pizzeria, then the closest Whole Foods 20 minutes away?  Fuck yea!  Please nod your  head with me.  Put that attitude on.  Fuck yea!

The point is, when satisfying a craving, you aren’t truly satisfied if your not happy after you’ve indulged.  Guilt, sickness, or punishment, is never ok.  Sometimes, I may eat too much, may not eat enough, or have too many desserts in one day, but I stop and remind myself it’s  my body.  I care about it and want to respect it and be grateful for what I am able to have.

I hope this made some sense.  This is another one of those posts of me putting myself out there.  This is a healthy living blog, and I can’t think of anything more healthy right now than me being honest.  “All this because of a few slices of pizza,” you may?  Yea, because this is my passion.  Food, people, and the environment.  I want to save the world.  Or maybe just a cow for now.  I want to make you and the bunnies eating off the land happy.  Damn, I sound corny, but tis true.  I want to show everyone they can eat the best without being greedy, and without going hungry, because out there is somebody who really could use that meal.

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” ~ Michael Pollan


“and satisfy your chocolate cheesy oatmeal cravings!!!”

~ yesenia


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