Detox Do-Over

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all are winding down from your day right about now.  Finally getting into the groove of things?  I’m trying, that’s for sure.

Yesterday was pretty good, pretty regular.  I went to Whole Foods for lunch and try to do a mini-one-meal detox.  Hahaha.  After forgetting my own phone, I used my brothers, but totally forgot to send the pictures to myself.  Ugh.  Shall we use our imagination?  Twas kale, eggplant and peppas, quinoa cakes, and hummus.  So yummy.  I had plantains on the side too, can’t get enough of them lateley!  I’m actually trying to ease my way back into a healthy routine.  More on that later though 🙂




Basic.  I’m lovin’ the laid back mornings of cozying up in bed with my mug writing, reading, and meditating.  Getting my day off to a great start!  I actually got to make some Banana Whipped Oatmeal before I headed out to work.



Chipotle Salad!  Full of brown rice, black beans, peppas and onions, corn, tomatoes, and avocado.  Jealous, yet?  I tried the Naked Mango drink too.  I like those juices/smoothies, just pretty expensive.



A Puerto Rican feast.  You know those days of the bottomless pit your stomach created?  Today was one of those days.  Couldn’t stop eating!  I thought the chipotle salad would have left me full, but not so much.  Didn’t even want to take the time (or energy) to cook.  Thank God for my lovely grandma who likes to feed people!  For dessert I had more than the amount I would like to share in animal crackers.  So. Addictive.  Hazardous.

Detox Do-Over!

Or Dominating the Detox I should say!  Yes, I’m at it again.  Time to cleanse myself from the inside out.  If you recall my first “detox”  experience, it contained almost mixed reviews.  With a different perception, new experience, and a few shortcuts, I was able to make it through alive (dramatic much?) and tell the tale.  I am mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing myself for my next attempt.  With the new year, I want to start fresh.  Hopefully, this will make me feel rejuvenated and motivated to give the next few months a nice boost.

The Changes I Am Making

1.  Making lists.   Of everything.  My routines, ingredients, recipes, what to eat, when to work out, etc…   This will definitely help, so I don’t leave everything for the day before.

2.  Calmer Schedule.  In retail, January can be known as the slow season.  Kids back at school and not roaming the streets mall.  Well, perfect timing!  It’s like I’m part-time again and have plenty of time to rest, do yoga, and work, without feeling overwhelmed.  Yay!

3.  Keep calm and do yoga.  Yoga everyday b*!  I got the time and schedule to do it next week, so I’m excited to have a bit of routine for this experience.

4.  Acceptance.  I think I mentioned it on my first review, but after the 4th day I didn’t even want to see another bowl of kitchari.  It was hard for me to let go of my oatmeal, raw kale salads, and caffeinated teas.  Since fall has been underway for awhile, raw salads are out, ginger tea has been a nightly habit, and I’m not afraid to let-go of my favorite me.  In 1 week, I will be able to enjoy my bowl of oatmeal and black tea once more!  And feel amazing before it!

This is an Ayurvedic Detox I am doing.  Through Ayurveda sites and Yoga Journal, I combined the two to make my own.  Now I will be starting this detox next Monday.  Groceries will be Saturday.  Cooking will be Sunday.  I’m excited!  Mostly because I plan on sharing this experience with you!  Hopefully this will be a way to reflect about what I’m doing.  Can’t wait to rid last year’s toxic waste from my body, mind, and soul!

Namaste peeps!




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