Happy New Year!!!!

Hello People!

Hope you all had an amazing New Year celebration! Mine was full of food, family, and friends.  Awesome as usual.

New Year’s Eve

The Last Meal

Vegan Pasteles.  I’ve been eating them like they have been going out of style.  It’s almost like a tamale that’s made out of pureed plantains, cassava, and squash.  What’s usually filled with meat, my grandma and I filled with chickpeas and peppers.  That’s love.  Then she made rice and pigeon peas (arroz con gondules.)  With some ketchup, hot sauce, and home-made sangria (we won’t say how many I had that night) it made the perfect meal.



Then some fun 🙂





January 1, 2013


Started the new year right with a healthy brunch!  Tofu Scramble drizzled with organic ketchup, kale and mushroom sautee, sprouted toast with some eb butta.  Serious yum.



I’m back at yoga!  I redeemed my unlimited month package at my fav studio!  Yay!  One of my goals (probably number 1)  is to go deeper in my practice.  Now I have a yoga buddy too!  So excited to see what this year bring with my body and mind.



Indian!!!  Need I say more??




Resolutions Anyone?

I don’t really like to call them resolutions.  But more like intentions.  You intend to do it, and if it’s not working out, totally ok, just don’t give up.  I also learned not to be exact.  When somebody aims to see a certain number on the scale and it’s not coming along, it can be a little discouraging.  What one should see is a better posture, glowing skin, and feel healthy, better, and confident about what they are doing.  What I like the most is you never have to do it alone, help is one of the greatest gifts one can give and recieve.


I started a list on my birthday last year for my 23rd year.  This time I made a list for 2013.  It works out good because I can see where I am at, what I need to work on, and may recommit to my intentions.   Even better, I can change it.  Nothing concrete about your thoughts or feelings.   I try to look at it every week.  It’s constant reflection and reminder of what I thought was important and wanted to do.


This is something that can be done any day, but a new year, calendar, and end to festivities, seem like the perfect time to start a new beginning.  I love the thought of looking inside and revealing what you really want.  Why and how are should always follow the what.  This is what works for me.  I love to hear how everyone else sees this new time.  Why I love to learn about health, mind, body… everyone is different.



Embrace who you are as an individual this year and for all the years to come.

Me… I’m the girl who just loves to wake up, detox, reflect, and enjoy my tea and bowl of oats, for now 😉



To 2013 motha*****!




“We must ask ourselves, if we wish to be healthy, what for?  To what use will we put our health.” ~ Annemarie Colbin, PhD



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