Friday, Are You Here Yet?!

Helloooo beautiful people!

I hope you all had a spectacular day!  Or, as spectacular as it can get for a Wednesday.  Mine couldn’t go fast enough.  The day was just so long!  I guess maybe because I knew I wouldn’t be working for the next few days, so the whole day was just feeling like Friday.



Look familiar?  No?  Good, because it shouldn’t.  Obviously, this is very different from my usual 7am to-go breakfast (seriously, just scroll down to see all that sprouted goodness).  Today was simply peanut butter and jelly.  Ran out of fresh bananas in the hizhouse 😦  Not going to lie though, tasty treat in the morning.


Last night, I mustard up the strength to peel and chop some veggies for roasting.  It was the last thing I wanted to do.  Partly because last nights dinner left me sick of squash.  Maybe the curry?  Well I’m glad I still did it.


Serious yum.  Massaged kale, roasted squash and broccoli  quinoa, hummus, and balsamic vinegar.  The hummus made it.  TTYLBYE.



I cannot get enough of eggs!  They just go so perfectly with everything.  I love to fry them and have the oozing with yolky goodness.  Gahhhh!  Anyways, that would be grandmas beans with avocado.  Simply delicious.  My favorite kind of dinner.


It got real.  Dessert gets it’s own category.  I have been eyeing the cookies I made the other day, so I decided to have a half a dozen few for dessert.


On my couch, cookies on my lap, warm mug of almond milk, wrapped in my blanket watching Christmas movies.  Oh, yes I did.  Tis the season!

Chillin on a full belly now.  Was this not a Friday kind of day?!?!?!


Good night lovelies!




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