Big Meal, Big Belly, Big Smile

Hi guys!!!

Hope your day is going well?  For me, the day is about to end in a couple of hours.  Woke up too early to not be able to catch up on some zzzzz.


Fast, simple banana and peanut butter sandwitch.  On cinnamon raisin sprouted bread with extra cinnamon, please 🙂  Thank God this breakfast is tasty, because having it every other day can get old for some.



Didn’t have any leftovers from yesterday and didn’t have time to cook or prepare anything spectacular, there for canned soup to the rescue.


This is Amy’s Organics Chili.  It’s super filling.  Not gonna lie though, at one point I was having this so much, that I boycotted it for a few months.  Home-made meals are always 10x betta.  Anyways, avocado and sprouted english muffin to accompany it, bon appetit on the go!  I ate it and wasn’t even super full.  Orange juice on the side for some cold prevention.


I actually stopped at Starbucks for some good ol’ black coffee.   Twas delicious while getting a few gifts (myself included) and picking up my brother.  Finally back from school, not going to see a dull moment for a while in this house.  I made a simple curry butternut squash mash with sauteed kale and a over-easy egg.  I think I OD’d on the curry, kind of left me uneasy while eating it.  Oh well, you live and you learn, and I learned not to use a bag of curry to flavor dishes.


I actually had the other half of my english muffin on the side. Happy and full!

Usually after a big lunch, I would usually have had a bar and fruit, especially if I was at work.   I guess being home got me a little more “hungry.”  I’m sure I’ll still be hungry in the morning.  Work in the early morning never fails to get me hungry earlier than usual.

Get your rest peeps!  Tomorrow is only Wednesday!



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