Overtime Overdrive

Morning everyone!

If you had a morning like mine, it might have been a little less than great.  For some reason, I awoke with a headache (which I rarely get), and with a realization that I have a lot to do.  Yet, I should still say good morning, no?  I am alive and kickin’ with the whole day ahead of me to do what I got to do.

Yesterday, I ended up going into work, probably not the best decision of my life, as now I will not have a day off till next Monday.  Hello overtime!  So I made sure I got done what I planned for the day before hand.  A few things sacrificed, but I did what I thought was priority.


Yoga was up first.  With a good class (same teacher, same flow), I came home to prepare lunch before working.


Single girl pasta with kale and avocado salad

I’m obsessed with making this pasta!  It’s convenient, healthy, and yummy! Perfect pairing with the slightly bitter kale, and tangy dressing.  Creamy avocado always wins my heart though.

Anyway, I might have eaten too much :/ I was full (as usual), but I got really tired.  Usually, at some point during the day I begin to crash, especially when waking up at 5 or 6am, but I usually buck up and keep going since I most likely will be in bed early.  Not the case here though.  I knew I was working till late, a 30 min nap was all I needed.  Then I was good to go to do the rest of my work.



I didn’t even end up eating the apple.  I had a short break and wasn’t hungry enough to scarf down my food.

I am still trying to keep with those Ayurvedic principles.  Mostly just a big lunch, seasonal cooked foods, water in the morning, and grandma bedtimes (I try with that one).  Still have a lot to work on, but one step at a time.  Especially with the busy-ness this time of year, I need to focus on just getting ish done!  This week I’m cramming, since I know that next week I will have a little more me-time and some fun.  Usually I’m not one to advocate overtime to the point of exhaustion, yet it has been happening a little more frequently.  My advice to myself: take it day by day.  If you think about all that you have to do the next couple of days, I noticed it puts you in a bad mood and may exhaust you sooner than it should.  I’m still trying to grasp this.

Hope you guys enjoy the day!  It looks lovely by me, maybe I can find a way to enjoy it!

Peace out peeps!



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