Monday Morning Mantra

Good morning all you beautiful people!

I hope you’re weekend was spectacular.  It’s officially Christmas season to me.  Even the the weather would like to prove otherwise, I don’t care, give me my cookies, decorations, and frivolous spending.  For once on a Monday, I don’t feel as if I have to catch you up on much.  Let’s take it slow, shall we?


Not that all eventful.  It consisted of repeats of bikram yoga, work, and food.





Exceptionally awesome.  I slept in a little later (hello 7am) and took my time with morning routines.


A little cleaning and church, I knew I was up to a good start.  Even the dreary weather didn’t get in the way of my plans for the day.  I reloaded my energy with 5 of these:


Tostones!!! Freshly fried after church snack (or lunch, it really filled me up!)  If you don’t know about these lovely Latin American snack, let me tell you about it so you may go and get them ASAP.  It’s traditionally made with platanos (plantains), but my grandma also makes it with pana, another root vegetable.  You slice them up a little think, flatten them, and fry them.  Put some salt while the are still hot and BAM! awesome snack! Typically you can have a little garlic oil on top, or the Puerto Rican American way, with ketchunayse (ketchup and mayo).  Personally, I love the pana.  It’s soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.  Love ❤

My dad was in the mood for some Peruvian food, so he offered me to get some meat from Whole Foods so that maybe I can have some.  Holllaaaa!  I’ve actually been craving some peruvian food too, so this worked out perfectly.  I wish I took a picture of it when I went, but I really just enjoyed my time shopping there.  I didn’t worry about too much about the money.  I’ve been  good all week and thought what better way to indulge, than at Whole Foods?


This my dears, is Lomo Saltado.  A traditional Peruvian dish.  I think my dad makes it the best.  I really never seem to have it when we go out, not even when I ate meat like that.  Why would I?  Layered with organic brown rice (not gonna front, better with white rice), grass-fed pasture-raised beef sauteed with onions and tomatoes, and organic fries on top.  Absolutely lovely… with a glass of wine of course 😉


Guys, I am a total foodie at heart.  I love to eat.  I love culture.  I embrace my back-round and where my family came from.  I lead a plant-based diet 90% of the time, simply because I do not agree with the “normal” way of eating.  I love vegetables, whole-grains, and home-made meals as well.  Organic local food makes my heart skip a beat.  My body feels better when living such a diet.  Yet, being able to eat meat that was raised organically, ethically, and humanely, makes me feel blessed.  I’m not ungrateful or a glutton about it.  I observe my choice, give gratitude, and savor it.

One day, when I travel the states, or travel the world, I may not have the luxury of choice or knowledge about where my food came from, but that’s going to be the beauty of it.  You experience everyday as something new.  Days like yesterday symbolize passion and adventure.  From eating tostones, lomo, and simple ice cream one day, to oatmeal and soups the next.  You live it up when you can and enjoy it.  I mostly reference food, for that is what I love.  It may be the same as going out for the night or taking a 1 day road trip or reading all day.  Whatever float yo boat!

This Monday Morning Mantra is to embrace it.  Embrace the goals and the work that has to be done.  Embrace the routines of your week.  Embrace the simplicity of the food.


The end result is always so much sweeter that way.


Peace out peeps!







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