Let’s Talk Yoga

Good morning lovies!!

Hope the morning is treating you right!  It’s a bit nippy outside if I do say so myself.  I can’t believe I actually got out of bed.  It was so warm in bed and still so tired, but I knew if I didn’t get my booty out of bed, it would have through off my day.  I’m actually off today, but doesn’t mean I can’t start my day off right!  And by right, I mean with yoga.

As I’ve mentioned before I changed yoga studios a couple of months ago.  As much as I mentioned how I don’t really care for the new one, at some points I actually hated going because I didn’t like where my practice was going.  That is because it was going nowhere!

As a Bikram studio, they didn’t cater to the yogis of vinyasa.  I knew that Bikram wasn’t my cup of tea.  But, like most situations, you have to be persistant and just give it a chance.  Going became a chore.  With the teacher just walking around, telling you what to do, same poses, never any music, class was… rigid.  No play, or laughter, and it was hard for me to find beauty in it.  So I stopped going for a little.  I only tried to take there vinyasa classes.  It would have been too easy if that solved the problem.

Most classes were Bikram, and with only 5 classes a week of vinyasa, it was hard ever make it.  So I tried practicing once a week home, with daily meditations.  But I wanted to go to a class and feel great!The classes were repetitive, not too many playful poses, and no community energy.  You know those vibes that make or break a place?  Totally believe in them.  Once in a while, you may get a teacher who helps you and likes to try new things, but it was rare.  That’s when I started debating on going back to my old studio.

I took matters into my own hands.  I first accepted the classes I took.  Whether the were boring, hard, long, great, I made it a point to make it my own.  My mantra became discipline.  To work on what makes a yoga practice more…. driven.  I took vinyasa classes to put my own spin on the teachers flow, to make it my own.  Bikram I used once a week as a way to help with alignment, health.

Yesterday, I went back to my old studio.  It was awesome!  It was great to see familiar faces.  Too catch up on life.  One of the teachers is pregnant!!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy for her!  I practiced in the corner of the room.  It felt familiar, but with a whole different twist. I changed.

I was at the studio for a year, and I remember knowing the first month, how much I loved it.  I loved the teachers, the studio, their classes.  It’s small and humble, and everyone is welcoming of others.  You become proud of the community you are involved in.  I’ve seen her studio grow into something great, in the one small heated room.  I never knew what was going to happen when I went to class.  There were always new poses and more freedom to make the practice your own.  And they help you along the way, fixing your postures and giving you advise so you may flourish in a simple warrior one.  It was in that studio that I fell madly in love with yoga.  I found beauty in myself and my practice.  Not for nothing, but when the teacher says how beautiful you look when you’re dripping sweat in some contorted eagle posture, you learn to see what’s beautiful in everything you do and SEE.

I am big on environment.  If you don’t like where you, how can you be happy?  It’s like a job.  Yes, you can always try and make it work.  Learn to love, as some say.  It’s even the same with my job.  My job itself is tough for me to get into, but the people I am surrounded with make it worth while.  I know I can have fun, talk, and be myself with no problem.  Yoga community is just as important.  Somewhere where you can get to know some of the people around you, most likely their sweaty feet will be in your face during the class, so get friendly.

So, for now I shall try to make it at least once a week to my old studio once a week.  Just for fun, light-heartedness, new teachings and pure pleasure.  I will also keep going to the Bikram studio, till my groupon expires, and continue to go after.  Bikram helped me see that discipline, goals, and hard work pays off.  Not for nothing, but I felt stronger yesterday.  It could have been the time of day, easy practice, or different mindset, but I believe it was also my Bikram backround.  It taught me to push, and that a little competitiveness with yourself is ok.  I’ve always had this laid back mindset when it comes to jobs, money, and time.  But pushing yourself to do something you don’t really feel is you or don’t enjoy as much, can result in you being able to kick-ass at what you truly to love.  Bikram helped me acquire a stronger vinyasa practice, and for that I am grateful.

Namaste mothafuxkaaa



ps.  My ujjayi breathing is wack!!! Need to get back on track with that.

pss. If you made it this far, I commend you.  Come again, I swear I’ll have pictures next time.


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