Seasonally Confused


What is up everyone!

Hope you all had a decent day working, chilling, or keeping busy.  I spent mine at work and keeping busy afterwards.  Boo.  Not too fun when all you want to do is go under your blankets, with some milk and cookies, while watching The Santa Claus, because it’s SNOWING!!  Or it was.  Anyways this time of year, it can be hard to get up, keep moving, eat right,… and the list goes on.

Since the weather’s been getting colder, I have been eating alot more cooked foods.  I’m all for eating seasonal and local produce, but during the winter months, I find it the task to be a little more challenging.  Farmers markets are closing up, and local ingredients are scarce.  Since it’s a lot more cooking evolved, I find myself to be some-what lazy.  Cooking root veggies takes time and hot oatmeal doesn’t make for the best on-the-go breakfast.  Therefore I’ve been having random foods, that represent summer ease.  I think a couple times a week can’t hurt, right?


semi-raw breakfast

Cinnamon raisin sprouted toast with banana and cinnamon   I was in a rush, so I even had my tea in the thermos so I could finish in my car.


Canned Chili

This is Amy’s Organics chili.  It’s pretty good.  With a lot of beans and tofu, it’s filling, and with a side of an avocado, all I was missing was some chips or cornbread.


Chips and dip

We actually lost power at my place.  It looked like it was just my street, so it went on soon after I got home.  But, not soon enough!  That lunch had me craving some chips!  I tried Way Better sprouted sweet potato chips.  Awesome.  With a side of avocado and hummus.  YUM!

Autumnal Goodness!

We had some butternut squash and plantains that needed to be used, so after I had originally wanted to roast them with the brussel sprouts, I ended up boiling them, because of the power.  Thank God the power came on soon!  I almost forgot how amazing roasted balsamic brussel sprouts were!  So good!

So it has been a little scattered here.  Add in an apple and oj, and you could see I just tried to make to with what we had at home, with minimal effort.  Maybe tomorrow or Thursday I can enjoy a real home cooked meal.

Any quick ways you still enjoy seasonal affair?  I believe, it just comes with a lot of prepping.

And, don’t you think cookies should be there own food group, this time of year?  Tis’ the season 😉

Good night lovasss!




PS.  Still trying to get in my yoga.  Got to admit though, winter makes me want to stay in bed all morning!





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