What I Ate

Hello peeps!

Oh Mondays, why are we so hard?!?!  Felt like I was non stop today!  Yet, I only feel like I made a dent on my to-do list!  Good thing there is the rest of the week.  It’s a bit of a late post, but I just wanted to do a quick recap of my eats today.  They were pretty yummy, so be forewarned!


I bought the cinnamon raisin bread from Food for Life the other day at Wholefoods so I was a little anxious to try it out.  Packed a couple a slices to toast at work, with a jar of peanut butter and banana to top it off.  Pretty yummy! This breakfast always reminds me of summer <33


Got to do lunch with my momma today!!  I got out of work pretty early, so we took the opportunity to go shopping.  I didn’t get to buy anything spectacular, but I did get this awesome meal out of it!  We went to a local diner and OMG this was amazing!  I didn’t even have to customize for myself.  Falafels, grilled veggies, hummus, tomatoes, mixed greens, and multi-grain pita bread!  Yum!


Pear with almond butta and cinnamon.  I actually thought this was going to be my dinner, only because I planned it like that.  My lunch was pretty big, but I guess the thought of a late night and amazing leftovers took over…


Indian eggplant dish from last night with the pita bread from lunch.  I added the chickpeas for a lil extra something.  Tasted just as good as yesterday!

Hope you guys enjoy whatever is left of your Monday!





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