How to be Vegan…. Holiday Edition

Hello everyone!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are 1 month closer to Christmas! I hope you all had a delicious, fun filled Thanksgiving!!  Sorry I haven’t updated earlier.  I was just preoccupied with work and family, so I guess I took a little break.  But I am back, with a special post!

How to be vegan during the holidays!

During the holidays, I believe that enjoyment and temptations may exist equally.  You want to be able to enjoy the delicious and exciting food that everyone brings to offer.  From the food, gatherings, and parties, it may even sometimes be overwhelming.  I think that with any diet, whether losing weight or a lifestyle one has chosen, the holidays seems to be where it is put to the test.  After being vegan on and off for sometime now, I learned what may help in trying to retain such diets.  For me, my biggest challenge was isolation.  Not being able to partake on what seems to be delicious food was hard.  Here’s a few tips to help you stay on track and enjoy holiday fairs!

1. Offer to help

Sweet potato casserole!

Whether you are doing thanks giving at your house or going over someone else’s, offer a hand.  Whether cooking or bringing a dish or 2, anything matters. It’s at least a way to make sure you eat.  I was fortunate to do Thanksgiving at my house, so I offered ideas such as vegan butter and veggie dishes to make important roles.  Helping set up and cook make it so much easier on the person running the show.

Day before baking

2.  Eat a hearty breakfast.

Banana Oats!

Many of you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that holds true during holiday season.  If you have a decent meal before lunch or dinner, chances are you won’t be as tempted to have more than needed during that meal.  You can focus less on how hungry you are and more on how tasty the food actually is.

3.  Skip store bought

Go for the home-made good stuff!  Mostly the homemade meals contain less ingredients.  Now, I understand that many of the dishes may not be vegan friendly but for me, I would rather go for homemade cranberry sauce on my stuffing, than boxed gravy.  Maybe some stuffing over store brought bread.  Even if you want to have that green bean casserole, do it.  I won’t judge 😉

4.  Bring a dessert!

If you are anything like me, dessert is a big deal.  Like fo real.  I love desserts, sweets, and actually like to keep it semi healthy, seasonal, and vegan.  As like number 1.  this helps takes the pressure off you and the host.  They may ensure you have something to eat, and you wont have to feel bad about the slim pick’ns.  I opted for some pumpkin pie… good thing, because that was the one dessert I knew I wanted and nobody bought.

Fresh pumpkin pie with a fresh cut!


5.  Enjoy the Company

During the holidays, it really should be about the people.  Family, friends, and loved ones are also important.  Food gets most of us excited, including me, but I try to make a point in other focuses.  Converse while eating, or at least before and after.  Laugh and catch up with people you haven’t seen.  It’s a refresher from your day to day life.  I usually see the same people everyday, so I try to make sure I make the most of when other’s are around.  Feasting, gifting, and parties, is only fun with others!




Hope you guys will be having some delicious and fun holidays.  Between gifting holidays, new years, and cookies, keeping up with a regular routine can hard too.  That is for another day though.

Hope these tips helped!  I’m always reading other peoples experience, and these are mine that are tried and true.  What was once a hassle has been a little more easier.


Hasta Manana!




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