Catching Up

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and even better Monday!! Only because it’s a short week 🙂  Thanksgiving is coming up, which then means Christmas is even closer!  Yay!  Love the holidays! (clearly I am over excited *sigh*)


I went to the city!  I went with one of my friends from work and we went to visit my brother.  Hadn’t visit him in over a month, and he wasn’t letting me forget that.  I love New York in the winter.  No place is as beautiful, and once the tree goes up, it really does live up to the hype.

We tried a Thai place downtown, Cafetasia.  It was actually really good.  To be honest, I had the best red curry then ever before,  and I’ve been to quite a few Thai places.


Then we went to Crumbs.  I’ve heard so many good things about this place.  I wish I would have just gotten a cupcake, because ever since that night all I wanted was cake.


Maybe next year, I’ll do a cupcake challenge.

The night ended pretty good.  Went to see Twilight.  Pretty amazing.  I’ve only seen the first one, which I wasn’t that fond of.  But, this was awesome.  Pretty scenery, and very romantic actually.



I was hungry…

Banana and pb sandwich on a sprouted english muffin.

Chipotle salad and Berry Naked 😉

1 minute mug cake with almond milk.



I got my ass up at 5 am this morning to not let go of my commitment to discipline.  I knew I wouldn’t go get to go at another time, so I thought I would take advantage of the morning vinyasa.  Well, I waited 15 minutes, for a different teacher to show up, and not know what she was doing.  I totally loved it!  She was knew at teaching vinyasa, as she usually teaches Bikram.  It was so much more chill.  She was funny and open to let us do what we wanted.  It was nice different flow.

Now to start my day of school, job searching, and work.  Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!

Banana Oats with pb


Hasta Manana peeps!





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