Lunch Dates!

Good morning everyone!!

It’s Friday and I hope you have some kind of badass weekend planned!  Hopefully mine is pretty decent.  I work tonight but tomorrow I have the freedom to do whateva!!


So yesterday, one of my really good friends from home came back from school.  We love to go to this sushi buffet place in my hometown so we decided to go there for lunch.  It was my first time going there and not actually getting real sushi but veggie rolls and regular hot Asian food.  It was so much fun!  We talk almost everyday anyways, but it seems like there was so much more too talk about when in person.  From school to boys, we ate and talked for a couple of hours.

I probabably ate more than I should, even for a big lunch, but it lasted me all through dinner.  I just snacked on some fruit later on.  And would you believe something??? I totally forgot to take pictures!!!  Didn’t remember till I thought about taking a picture of my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (I just love the red cups this time of year).  I guess that will happen when the company is 10x better than the food 🙂  Sometimes food takes a back seat, and good friends and family make it.


This morning, I was pretty excited for the breakfast this morning.  I had OIAJ! I whipped up some Banana Oats to go with it.  So to make up for the lack of pictures of yesterday, here’s some OIAJ porn…


Get at my level!


Have a great Friday!







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