Keepin it Light

Good Morning everyone!

Hope all is starting out on the right foot!  After yesterday’s post, I’m definitely looking to keep this post light.  That post was totally out of the ordinary for me.  I never mind talking about food and health, since they are my favorite subjects, but money?  It’s almost controversial for me.

Anyways let’s back track a little to yesterday’s amazing lunch:

So fresh and so clean clean

What I have here is a simple open-face sandwich.  A sprouted English muffin, hummus, avocado, and roasted red peppers   This honestly reminded me of summer, and I loved every bite of it.

#foodporn forreal

*Seriously get instagram, makes you feel like you got some serious photography skills.

Dinner was totally forgotten, probably because how boring it was.  I had canned butternut squash soup.  Really, it just acted like a filler during my break.  I was so hungry by the time I get home, but I just had some ginger tea and called it a night.

Bad Idea!  I thought it would be fine since I was getting up early for yoga and usually I’m never hungry so early.  On my way to class this morning, my stomach was GROWLING!  Like a lot.  Thank god for music.

Yoga was hard.  I blame the 5 hours of sleep, hunger, and having it only be my second time in two weeks.  I decided that I really need to change studios.  I have no yearning to go to a place I don’t enjoy.  Since Bikram is the main class there, it’s hard to get to a vinyasa class.  That is what I enjoy most.  Then the teachers aren’t all that exciting.  I like a close nit feel, light heartedness, and familiarity.  Not for nothing, but the teacher did the same exact flow and was so monotone throughout.   Hell, it’s 6am!  Wake me up!  Hopefully, I can make act upon my decision soon.


I kind have a busier day today so I definitely needed to fill my stomach fast to get started.  Simple banana oatmeal with almond butter.  Seriously, can’t go wrong with that.


Keepin it real,




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