One of My Fears

Good Morning everyone!

Hope the last couple of days went well for you all.  I can say that mine could have definitely went a little better.  With work, lack of sleep, and trying to get back on track, even two days felt overwhelming.  3 more days!!!!

Anyways my life in eats…

Been craving an egg. Had to do it. Leftover Indian underneath.

Experimental Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Sprouted Muffin and pbjbanana

Lentil soup, kale salad, bread. Didn’t satisfy at all.

Chocolate Milk (almond milk). Yum.

Now real talk.

Yesterday, I came across this article, and it really struck a cord.  Money back in the day used to be pretty important to me, so I thought.  I just wanted to spend all the time.  A lot of clothes, shoes, going out to eat.  I was just another young girl making mistakes.  It was a problem.  It was a problem, that I thought wouldn’t be a big deal, since I planned to be a big deal in the future. Shit happens.  Anyways, I vowed to not let money be important.  That all I needed was a one room apartment, yoga, food, and enough money to travel.  I sometimes still make comments how money is selfish, that cars and computers are materialistic things.  Hello! Blogs helped me get right!  My parents have tried to make me see that money is more than that, and now more than ever I understand.

Yes, I still think having an Escalade is unnecessary (killing the environment one gallon at a time)  and 20 pairs of heels is even stressful (imagine picking out an outfit).  I just fell victim of thinking money was one of the most important things at one point.  Great for shopping, fancy restaurants, nice car, and future vacations.  I guess after I got over all of that, I became to see money as the enemy.   To see how there are rich people, who live lives of selfishness and gluttony, to others who are hungry for there lives.  Is money that important to somebody, they can’t risk something for a good cause?  Even the food industry has become a greedy, shameful aspect of America along with pharmaceuticals.  People are sick and are prescribed medicine, rather than natural foods.  There is a place for all that, but it is not everything.  It’s about the money.  That is a topic all of it’s own, but it was makes me see money as evil sometimes.

I am not saying I am a saint.  Only because, right now I see where my money goes.  My passion for healthy food and hobby of baking.  My passion for one of the more expensive forms of enjoyment… hot yoga.  My passion for trying to new foods, wines, and restaurants.  I still love to dress up, do my hair, and feel good.  Do I feel guilty?  Sometimes.  Then I realize something, or rather others help me.  You need to be happy in your own life, before you can move on.  Whether it is to help others, start a family, broaden your horizons, or simply love another.  Most people have great intentions.  Admirable even.  For me, money it is means of eating right and following a passion.  Going to school to be a health coach requires money.  To become a yoga teacher requires money,  to volunteer even.  These are all the things I find inspirational

I don’t really know the rules of money as much as I should.  As a girl who study business, accounting, and majored in economics, I definitely don’t claim to know much about those subjects.  What I do know a lot of nutrition, food policy, organic foods, and mindfulness.  If money is what is going to help me further my knowledge and practice, then let it be.  Because instead of goal for nice cars, and lavish vacations, I’m going to help someone get healthy, and inspire people to love themselves, so they learn to love others.  Here’s to the end of samsara, beeeetch!!!!

Till next time,






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