Why I Wore a Ring… On My Ring Finger.

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone is starting off the weekend right.  Mines could be better, but can’t complain too much.  Today I want to talk about a subject that I think need reminding in everyone’s life.  I want to to talk about you and love.

Loving who you are

Until you learn to really accept who you are, what you do, and what you stand for, it’s hard to show appreciation to anyone else.  I believe everyone is here for a reason, that we are all here making a difference in eachother’s lives.  For a while, I was confused about what I wanted and who I should be.  I made mistakes that affected school, my relationship with friends and family, and of course myself.  I didn’t appreciate who I was and therefore the people around me.  Of course, everyone goes through a stage when they are younger and everyone has there struggles.  Not respecting or standing up for myself and insecurities about my body, it let to an obsession to be great.  I thought that if I proved myself in school, health, and looks, I would succeed.  I don’t think I ever did it for me.

It wasn’t until I started realizing what healthy really was.  How it not only affected what you looked like, but how you would think and see other people.  In order to get right, I made sacrifices.  My interest in school took a turn and I became more to myself, trying to figure out what was right for me.  I was able to admit to myself, that my heart wasn’t in business, but in health.  That I didn’t care about money for clothes, but money for food.  I didn’t care about exercising for just my body, but for my well-being.  Yoga really help me with that one.  The more I became in tune with the food I was eating and the movement I was doing, the more I saw others in a different way.  I was able to let go of the past little by little.  To not hold grudges and see everyone as human beings.  Even to a point where I saw animals as creatures of God as well. I began to love and appreciate everyone, because I fell in love with myself.

Being who you are

This is something I have read from The Power of Now.  I wore that ring on my finger as a constant reminder.  To love who I am.  My thoughts, beliefs, body, and actions.  That when I was starting to feel sorry for myself or have doubt in my actions, I would just have to look at my hand and know that noone has the power to change how I feel but me.  That I may depend on myself too feel good and do good.

I had that ring on for about 6 months and then a couple of weeks ago, when I read that passage above, I took it off that night.  I can’t have a relationship with myself, only be myself.  It’s a difficult concept for me to grasp, but I am working on it.  I am not vegan, wannabe baker, sales advisor, yoga, daughter, or sister.  I am me.  The person who comes out to play when I meditate or listen to my breath.  The person who chooses to look past what begins to irritate me or upset me.

It’s hard.  And I am far from perfect.  I even sometimes forget to think about it. Sometimes my only reminder is when I look down on my hand to see my bare finger, that helps me remember to be me.  As a woman I believe it’s a little harder.  Do we become the woman who gets married, cooks dinner, and takes the kid to practices?  Do we become the traveler who decides not to get married and live a nomadic lifestyle?  With body image, hormones, periods, and ability new life we bring into the world, how can one not go crazy?  Damn mamas, sometimes I can’t tell if I am amazing or psychotic!

I am not ashamed to say I love blogs and taking pictures of food.  Have you seen my instagram?  Helloo foodie obsession!  I want to take what I learned and be able to help others now as I helped myself.  I would eventually love bring yoga into peoples lives.  How yoga helped me is a whole other story. I am finally so happy with everything that I have overcome (although, I still have a long way to go) and the people I met.  Whether you made me laugh or made me cry, I’m glad you were part of my life, because you helped me become who I am today too.


I share this to only encourage you, and maybe somehow touch someone else.  Find something or someone that can help you in your journey.  For me, it was family, books, and yoga.  Then there were those who helped me realize I was on the right track.  My friends who kept in touch.  The people I lost touch with and have connected once more.  I hope this makes sense, or that you have gotten even 1 thing out of it.

Let go of the past and don’t look for the future.  You are, who you are, at only one point in time, and that is now.


Peace and love,




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