Getting Back on My Grind

What is up people!

Guess what??  Tomorrow is Friday!  Be excited!  I feel like this past week went by so fast, so fast that I don’t think I got a chance to get on track with my usual routines.  Usually, I’m working 5 days a week, waking up early, making lunches and dinners for myself, yoga, and trying to fit it in a little bit of a social life.  Ever since the hurricane though it has been a little harder, but not terrible.

I work tomorrow night but I’m definitely going to make things move along starting this weekend.  I’ll be off, so I’ll be able to catch up with yoga, groceries, and computer work before a busy week.


On the go!

Sprouted toast with pb, banana, and jelly.  Yum!!  Wasn’t my typical breakfast, but still better than a granola bar, I think.  I wish I could say I ate this at least sitting down.



Get this.  I bought a home cooked meal to eat for lunch at work.  It was actually leftovers of last nights dinner.  The thought of me eating it didn’t sit well though.  I was just not in the mood for squash!  So weird   I wanted something filling, fresh, and flavorful.  I’m sorry, but Chipotle won with all 3.  Lettuce, black beans, peppers and onions, tomatoes, corn, and guacomole, the usual.  While I was at it, why not get a soda on the side? 😉



My house actually lost power for a few hours while I was at work.  It didn’t even come on till while I was reheating dinner.  Did you know we got our first snow storm yesterday? Oh yes.  I woke up to a winter wonderland!  Anyways, that storm took people’s power again, and after a hurricane, it didn’t seem as fun as snow usually is.  So in order to use leftovers I had…

Squash!!!! (really bad lighting sorry)

Along with leftover pasta sauce, avocado, and nooch, it was palatable.  I think I’ve been eating a lot of cooked foods lately, as in the only foods that were raw were my fruits.

Heaviness and tired nights and mornings have been common recently, I can’t help but think it’s from all the heavy/cooked foods I’ve been eating.  Maybe that sandwich and salad was what I needed.  I’m going to have to see how I feel over the weekend, but usually how you eat will effect how you feel, and I’m tired of feeling tired!  Have you ever noticed something like this?

Until tomorrow peeps!




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