I Missed You!!!!

How long as it been? Almost a week I think.  I just miss being able to share and write, and with everything that’s been going on, I feel like there is so much to catch up on!  But I’m not lol at least not everything.  Let’s start out like the usual….

Hellloooo everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend!  For those of you in the Jersey and New York area, I know it’s been pretty rough, and I just want to take the time now to say, I hope you guys have made it through and stayed strong!  I just got my power back Saturday morning,and let’s just say that a hot shower now takes on a whole different meaning.

The weekend was generally really good.

Saturday night I was able to come home and relax.  I caught up on some blogs which was nice and watched a little tv.  I felt like I ate my heart out with this home cooked meal from my momma.

It started with a bit of this:

Bread and buttaa

Funny story.  My dad took the liberty of picking out the butter.  He’s tired of the organic, local butter I buy.  He wanted “real” butter that’s creamy and spreadable.  Well, he’s been swiping this vegan butter all weekend.  I don’t have the heart to tell him why it makes me smile everytime lol

Anyways, we then ended the meal with this yummy salad

It was all about the candied pecans.  Yum!

The real yums was right in between though,

Gotta love instagram! Quinoa pasta with cannelini, spinach, and sundried tomatoes, with some vino on the side.


Sunday my highlight of the meal was breakfast. 1) because I got to eat it skyping with the bro 2) because I never have pb&jelly 3) because it’s the only meal I photographed hehehe

Accompanied by some cute clementines

Sunday was the kind of rest day I love.  All that was missing was a trip to the farmers market.  Cleaning, church, and chillinnn.  I cleaned out all my drawers yesterday.  It’s donating time!  We do it once or twice a year.  I think it’s a great way to cleanse and detox your surroundings, and actually can really help with simplifying your life.  With less clothes, it’s less time spending to choose what I’m going to wear.  Plus, it’s for a good cause. Other’s will definitely put use into most of the clothes I have.  I’m not saying it’s easy.  I’m a borderline hoarder.  I always think that one day I’ll put it to use or I put a sentimental sticker on it.

Today I hope to start off on the right track.  I’m not going to lie, I fell off the band wagon big time this week.  Healthy foods, exercise,  and motivation took a back seat.  I ate a lot of heavy, filling foods.  With no heat, it was important that I stay warm.  I wasn’t try to get sick or just be unable to function.  I also was going through an emotional sugar eating frenzy.  When I start not to care about one thing, other things come down with it.  Even with yoga, I found it difficult to even to remember to breath.  A sign that I’m still a work in progress when it comes to sticking to my beliefs.  When things get rough, is when you are really put to the test.

Spiced oatmeal with pears, raisins, and almond buttaa. Coconut sugar added at the end.

I hope to make this week productive and a chance to recommit to my beliefs and practices.  With a little reading, self-analization, stretching, and breakfast, I’m ready to start the week off right.  Plus with this daylight savings ish, waking up with the sun makes the start so much easier!  Hopefully your Monday starts out, if not ends well!


Great to be back guys!







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