Month: November 2012

Sharing the Vegan Experience…. and Not Be Pushy.

Good Morning Lovaas!

I’m really excited for this post!!!  I know the title is a little lengthy, but it gets to the point.  It’s something I didn’t even think to write about till this morning, thanks to some inspiration!

Let’s just start with yesterdays fine eats!


sprouted cinnoman raisin toast, pb and banana

Repeat of the last few days.  I know, very exciting.  But with work so early in the mornings, not worth the work of oatmeal.


Massaged kale salad, roasted brussel sprouts, toasted chickpeas, and avocado. Balsamic drizzle

Salad! I was so happy about this lunch!  I haven’t had a salad in fo eva, and the fall twist was delicious.


I was fortunate enough to have dinner with a friend.  This was one of my inspirations for this post.  Check it out!!

We made my Single Girls Pasta x3.  With a little balsamic roasted butternut squash.  Twas delicious!  For dessert, that would be spiced pumpkin blondies.  We got the recipe from my new favorite sweets book.  We followed the recipe to a tee, so I don’t think it’s necessary to post it, especially I have plans to put my own twists on it 😛


Sharing the Vegan Experience

First starting to dive into a plant based diet can be difficult on its own.  We learn what to start eating, probably start cooking more, and figure out how to deal in social events.  Then the time comes to start sharing what your diet/lifestyle is all about.  For everyone, it is different.  Depending on your confidence and the people you surround yourself with, it could be a hit or miss.  Hopefully, these tips can help you feel better about showing, rather than talking, about your lifestyle.

1.  Give them a little taste of what you got!  And I’m still talking about food here…  Tis’ the season of holiday parties, cookies, and yummy food.  Show people how yummy vegan food is!  Bring a dish to the party, and don’t even mention it’s vegan.  For me, I always say I’ll bring a side dish.  When you mention vegan, it can start mixed apprehensions and questions.  Even at times I love to bring cookies to work.  I never say they are vegan.  Simply chocolate chip.  They are more inclined to try your dish if you just say what it is.  No labeling!

2.  Start sharing the benefits of cooking together.  Not only will it be cheaper, healthier, and quicker, you can show them how simple ingredients may make a spectacular dish.  Making something you can share is fun!

3.  Go grocery shopping!  People are sometimes very interested on what I possibly eat.  What do I use.  Isn’t it expensive   This can show them how easy and fun a vegan diet could be.  Even if it’s a quick stop, a quick stop at whole foods never hurt anyone, maybe just my wallet 😉

4.  Talking is good!  When asked about your diet, whether it is why or how, say it like it’s nothing.  Don’t be embarrassed or stall.  Simple answers are best and if they want to hear more, they will ask.  Don’t force a deep conversation if  it’s not wanted. Also try not to scare them away by saying anything crazy or degrading about them.

5.  Surround yourself with good people.  If they are willing to listen, share, and try, then the hard part is over.  With any diet, people may question and give you crazy looks, don’t worry about it.  Family and friends who like you for who you are, won’t care about what you eat.  Nobody is superior and no diet is “better.”  Embrace how everyone is different and we can learn a little something from everyone and every taste.

Carnivores, herbivores, health nuts, and foodists alike, #eatyourmothafuxkinheart out!





PS.  My other inspiration

Pops made fakin’ bacon!!! hahahahahaha



Seasonally Confused


What is up everyone!

Hope you all had a decent day working, chilling, or keeping busy.  I spent mine at work and keeping busy afterwards.  Boo.  Not too fun when all you want to do is go under your blankets, with some milk and cookies, while watching The Santa Claus, because it’s SNOWING!!  Or it was.  Anyways this time of year, it can be hard to get up, keep moving, eat right,… and the list goes on.

Since the weather’s been getting colder, I have been eating alot more cooked foods.  I’m all for eating seasonal and local produce, but during the winter months, I find it the task to be a little more challenging.  Farmers markets are closing up, and local ingredients are scarce.  Since it’s a lot more cooking evolved, I find myself to be some-what lazy.  Cooking root veggies takes time and hot oatmeal doesn’t make for the best on-the-go breakfast.  Therefore I’ve been having random foods, that represent summer ease.  I think a couple times a week can’t hurt, right?


semi-raw breakfast

Cinnamon raisin sprouted toast with banana and cinnamon   I was in a rush, so I even had my tea in the thermos so I could finish in my car.


Canned Chili

This is Amy’s Organics chili.  It’s pretty good.  With a lot of beans and tofu, it’s filling, and with a side of an avocado, all I was missing was some chips or cornbread.


Chips and dip

We actually lost power at my place.  It looked like it was just my street, so it went on soon after I got home.  But, not soon enough!  That lunch had me craving some chips!  I tried Way Better sprouted sweet potato chips.  Awesome.  With a side of avocado and hummus.  YUM!

Autumnal Goodness!

We had some butternut squash and plantains that needed to be used, so after I had originally wanted to roast them with the brussel sprouts, I ended up boiling them, because of the power.  Thank God the power came on soon!  I almost forgot how amazing roasted balsamic brussel sprouts were!  So good!

So it has been a little scattered here.  Add in an apple and oj, and you could see I just tried to make to with what we had at home, with minimal effort.  Maybe tomorrow or Thursday I can enjoy a real home cooked meal.

Any quick ways you still enjoy seasonal affair?  I believe, it just comes with a lot of prepping.

And, don’t you think cookies should be there own food group, this time of year?  Tis’ the season 😉

Good night lovasss!




PS.  Still trying to get in my yoga.  Got to admit though, winter makes me want to stay in bed all morning!




What I Ate

Hello peeps!

Oh Mondays, why are we so hard?!?!  Felt like I was non stop today!  Yet, I only feel like I made a dent on my to-do list!  Good thing there is the rest of the week.  It’s a bit of a late post, but I just wanted to do a quick recap of my eats today.  They were pretty yummy, so be forewarned!


I bought the cinnamon raisin bread from Food for Life the other day at Wholefoods so I was a little anxious to try it out.  Packed a couple a slices to toast at work, with a jar of peanut butter and banana to top it off.  Pretty yummy! This breakfast always reminds me of summer <33


Got to do lunch with my momma today!!  I got out of work pretty early, so we took the opportunity to go shopping.  I didn’t get to buy anything spectacular, but I did get this awesome meal out of it!  We went to a local diner and OMG this was amazing!  I didn’t even have to customize for myself.  Falafels, grilled veggies, hummus, tomatoes, mixed greens, and multi-grain pita bread!  Yum!


Pear with almond butta and cinnamon.  I actually thought this was going to be my dinner, only because I planned it like that.  My lunch was pretty big, but I guess the thought of a late night and amazing leftovers took over…


Indian eggplant dish from last night with the pita bread from lunch.  I added the chickpeas for a lil extra something.  Tasted just as good as yesterday!

Hope you guys enjoy whatever is left of your Monday!




How to be Vegan…. Holiday Edition

Hello everyone!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are 1 month closer to Christmas! I hope you all had a delicious, fun filled Thanksgiving!!  Sorry I haven’t updated earlier.  I was just preoccupied with work and family, so I guess I took a little break.  But I am back, with a special post!

How to be vegan during the holidays!

During the holidays, I believe that enjoyment and temptations may exist equally.  You want to be able to enjoy the delicious and exciting food that everyone brings to offer.  From the food, gatherings, and parties, it may even sometimes be overwhelming.  I think that with any diet, whether losing weight or a lifestyle one has chosen, the holidays seems to be where it is put to the test.  After being vegan on and off for sometime now, I learned what may help in trying to retain such diets.  For me, my biggest challenge was isolation.  Not being able to partake on what seems to be delicious food was hard.  Here’s a few tips to help you stay on track and enjoy holiday fairs!

1. Offer to help

Sweet potato casserole!

Whether you are doing thanks giving at your house or going over someone else’s, offer a hand.  Whether cooking or bringing a dish or 2, anything matters. It’s at least a way to make sure you eat.  I was fortunate to do Thanksgiving at my house, so I offered ideas such as vegan butter and veggie dishes to make important roles.  Helping set up and cook make it so much easier on the person running the show.

Day before baking

2.  Eat a hearty breakfast.

Banana Oats!

Many of you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that holds true during holiday season.  If you have a decent meal before lunch or dinner, chances are you won’t be as tempted to have more than needed during that meal.  You can focus less on how hungry you are and more on how tasty the food actually is.

3.  Skip store bought

Go for the home-made good stuff!  Mostly the homemade meals contain less ingredients.  Now, I understand that many of the dishes may not be vegan friendly but for me, I would rather go for homemade cranberry sauce on my stuffing, than boxed gravy.  Maybe some stuffing over store brought bread.  Even if you want to have that green bean casserole, do it.  I won’t judge 😉

4.  Bring a dessert!

If you are anything like me, dessert is a big deal.  Like fo real.  I love desserts, sweets, and actually like to keep it semi healthy, seasonal, and vegan.  As like number 1.  this helps takes the pressure off you and the host.  They may ensure you have something to eat, and you wont have to feel bad about the slim pick’ns.  I opted for some pumpkin pie… good thing, because that was the one dessert I knew I wanted and nobody bought.

Fresh pumpkin pie with a fresh cut!


5.  Enjoy the Company

During the holidays, it really should be about the people.  Family, friends, and loved ones are also important.  Food gets most of us excited, including me, but I try to make a point in other focuses.  Converse while eating, or at least before and after.  Laugh and catch up with people you haven’t seen.  It’s a refresher from your day to day life.  I usually see the same people everyday, so I try to make sure I make the most of when other’s are around.  Feasting, gifting, and parties, is only fun with others!




Hope you guys will be having some delicious and fun holidays.  Between gifting holidays, new years, and cookies, keeping up with a regular routine can hard too.  That is for another day though.

Hope these tips helped!  I’m always reading other peoples experience, and these are mine that are tried and true.  What was once a hassle has been a little more easier.


Hasta Manana!



Tofu Scramble, A Forgotten Meal

Morning ya’ll!! (feeling southern, go with it)

So let me start off by saying I totally forgot to post one of my meals yesterday!!! I don’t know how, because it was Indian and delish! I had every intention of putting it up this time, but I remembered that I took pictures with my momma’s phone and totally forgot to transfer them to mine.  That’s what happens when you decide to detach yourself from the world for a little.

phone = camera = food = blog = health.   There is a method to my madness!

Anyways, there were really 2 forgotten meals.  I made a delicious brunch on Saturday as a little treat to myself.  I got home from yoga a little later, so a more sustaining meal seemed appropriate.

It was so good, history had to repeat itself.

Leftovers with a side of school work


Tofu Scramble

  • 1 block of tofu
  • 1/4 cup chopped onions
  • oil
  • 1 clove minced garlic
  • Indian spice blend:  cumin, tumeric, paprika, coriander, cardamon
  • 2 tbs nutritional yeast
  • salt and pepper

In a skillet over medium heat, add about 1 tbs oil.  Once, heated, sautee the onion and garlic into the pan.  You may have to lower the heat to prevent burning.  Take the block of tofu out of the package and squeeze out most of the water with a towel or paper towels.  A little moisture is ok in this dish.  Separate the tofu over the pan in big chucks.  Sautee the tofu with the oil, garlic, and onion.  Add in the spice blend, about 1/2 tbs (personally, I add a few dashes of everything, heavy on the cumin, light on the coriander and cardamon).  Once colored and fragrant, add the nutritional yeast.  Moisture from the tofu let’s the nutritional yeast meld into the dish.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Enjoy!



Dinner was a little small, but served it’s purpose

chai tea to wake me up for work


Today is another busy day.  Cleaning for company, hair and nails desperate to be did, baking prep, and yoga!  Then out for the night, with some of the besties!

Fueled with Banana Oats and sunflower seed butter

Enjoy your Friday!! 😉




Catching Up

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and even better Monday!! Only because it’s a short week 🙂  Thanksgiving is coming up, which then means Christmas is even closer!  Yay!  Love the holidays! (clearly I am over excited *sigh*)


I went to the city!  I went with one of my friends from work and we went to visit my brother.  Hadn’t visit him in over a month, and he wasn’t letting me forget that.  I love New York in the winter.  No place is as beautiful, and once the tree goes up, it really does live up to the hype.

We tried a Thai place downtown, Cafetasia.  It was actually really good.  To be honest, I had the best red curry then ever before,  and I’ve been to quite a few Thai places.


Then we went to Crumbs.  I’ve heard so many good things about this place.  I wish I would have just gotten a cupcake, because ever since that night all I wanted was cake.


Maybe next year, I’ll do a cupcake challenge.

The night ended pretty good.  Went to see Twilight.  Pretty amazing.  I’ve only seen the first one, which I wasn’t that fond of.  But, this was awesome.  Pretty scenery, and very romantic actually.



I was hungry…

Banana and pb sandwich on a sprouted english muffin.

Chipotle salad and Berry Naked 😉

1 minute mug cake with almond milk.



I got my ass up at 5 am this morning to not let go of my commitment to discipline.  I knew I wouldn’t go get to go at another time, so I thought I would take advantage of the morning vinyasa.  Well, I waited 15 minutes, for a different teacher to show up, and not know what she was doing.  I totally loved it!  She was knew at teaching vinyasa, as she usually teaches Bikram.  It was so much more chill.  She was funny and open to let us do what we wanted.  It was nice different flow.

Now to start my day of school, job searching, and work.  Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!

Banana Oats with pb


Hasta Manana peeps!




Lunch Dates!

Good morning everyone!!

It’s Friday and I hope you have some kind of badass weekend planned!  Hopefully mine is pretty decent.  I work tonight but tomorrow I have the freedom to do whateva!!


So yesterday, one of my really good friends from home came back from school.  We love to go to this sushi buffet place in my hometown so we decided to go there for lunch.  It was my first time going there and not actually getting real sushi but veggie rolls and regular hot Asian food.  It was so much fun!  We talk almost everyday anyways, but it seems like there was so much more too talk about when in person.  From school to boys, we ate and talked for a couple of hours.

I probabably ate more than I should, even for a big lunch, but it lasted me all through dinner.  I just snacked on some fruit later on.  And would you believe something??? I totally forgot to take pictures!!!  Didn’t remember till I thought about taking a picture of my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (I just love the red cups this time of year).  I guess that will happen when the company is 10x better than the food 🙂  Sometimes food takes a back seat, and good friends and family make it.


This morning, I was pretty excited for the breakfast this morning.  I had OIAJ! I whipped up some Banana Oats to go with it.  So to make up for the lack of pictures of yesterday, here’s some OIAJ porn…


Get at my level!


Have a great Friday!