Hello  everyone!

How was your weekend? I hope you made the most out of it!  I did a little bit of everything, from yoga, friends, family, and tv-movies.  It was pretty awesome   I know that most of you guys are off to day (Hey Sandy!) and may be stranded inside, so I thought I keep you occupied with this post.  It’s a little different, as is no pictures of food (maybe….), recipes, or weekend updates.

Ayurveda (sanskrit) – knowledge of life

A little back-round information:  Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years through sanskrit texts and Indian Culture.  It’s about living in balance within the main forces of nature; air, earth, fire, water, space.  It is about being in harmony with the universe.  The way to do that is to always try to keep in balance your physical, emotional, and mental state.  For everyone, this is different.  Each person has there own constitution, from the forces of nature.  They are vata – air, pitta – fire, and kapha – earth.  Now this is just a quick overview of basics.  Different ways of balancing your constitution is through diet and practice.

This is something I started coming across while reading articles and blogs, yoga, and now even through my program!  It was something that without even knowing it, I had started to follow and believe in within my own life.

Yoga has become a very important part of my life.  It taught me about love, balance, living in the present, and ujayi breath.  My mom was the first person to teach me about breath.  One can calm the mind by listening to your own deep inhales and long exhales.  Spirituality now plays a bigger part of my life because of that.  I started becoming more interested in a holistic way of living.  Natural foods, farmers market, organics, and fair-trade all became important.  I was interested in where my food was coming from, and with that came seasonal and local foods.  I started listening to what my body was craving and what it needed.  My digestion has become the most important body function that I tend to everyday, and now understand how important it is in ridding toxins; physically and mentally.  Did you know I drink warm water with lemon EVERY MORNING?  Something my mom taught me a few years ago and turns out it is one of the best things you can do for yourself (didn’t read this article till a couple of months ago!)

I am all about listening to my body.  Through years of trial and error, learning and integrating, I want to just do what is best for my body and beliefs.  I’ve done my research AND school work, so I am embarking on a journey towards Ayurveda.

Facts about me

  • I’m a cold person.  My hands are naturally always cold and in the winter they may turn blue if unattended.  I’ve been checked.  It’s just poor circulation in the hands
  • I’m a morning person.  Always have been.  I noticed that 5am – 6am wake up calls, fit me best.  Although, I have my days…
  • I have a medium body type.  Easy to gain, easy to lose.
  • I am not competitive
  • I do not like strenuous activity.  When I was little I did dance and soccer.  Eventually, I chose dance.  When I ran (never great at it) and did p90x, I noticed how excited I was to do the yoga tape.  P90x yoga actually ignited my passion
  • Poop is important to me.  Everyone who knows me, knows my issue with digestion.  And now I guess you do to.
  • I don’t like to be hungry.  I must eat, if not I will create drama.
  • I have a fleeting mind.  I change my mind a lot, and don’t like to focus on one thing.

So  my dosha is Vata-Pitta (mostly Vata).  What are you?  This means I will be working on balancing my constitution  during this Vata Winter. Not only will this affect my lifestyle and diet, but I hope to sense a difference in  my lymphatic system (the largest and biggest drainage system in the body.  Controls everything from PMS, digestion, to weight control) and ability to control my hormones.


  • I will be using this seasonal winter guide to help with meal planning.  This isn’t so far from what I’m used to, as I’ve been well aware of the importance of eating local and seasonal foods for a while.
  • Eating 2 meals a day with a snack or “supplement” (soup ) for dinner.  Lunch will be my biggest meal of the day.
  • A lot of warm water and tea throughout the day
  • Mostly cooked foods.  (Noticed not many salads on the blog?)  During the summer, I eat mostly raw (I am a bit of Pitta!), so this will definitely be my main transition.
  • A lot more fats and grains – Winter is a dormant season for nature!
  • I will still practice yoga, but also take Bikram more seriously.  The strength gained in Bikram (I’ve noticed a great difference already) will help ground me.
  • Will try to work out every morning, even if it’s 10 min sun salutations!
  • Early bed-time and early rise.  Duh.

I hope this will help me stay grounded… and warm.  Winter is always the hardest for me between the cold weather, shorter days, and sugar cravings.  I will still be following a plant-based diet though.  The Ayurvedic diet actually includes a lot of dairy and some meat.  But right now, I know that my 4 main-food groups (fruits, veggies, grains, and fats), fill me just fine.  Who knows what the future holds though!

If you made it this far… damn, you’re good.  I might even do another detox before Thanksgiving, since I feel it may be a little easier now!  I’m really excited to start this out!  This weekend, I had a taste of it, and it seems doable.  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please let me know!  This is going to be a work in progress, but I hopefully I’ll keep it going!  Wanna know what makes it a little easier?…

My love for Indian food

and Pumpkin Oatmeal 🙂

Namaste Peeps!





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