Good morning everyone!

So today I have a day off! Yay!  I have quite an agenda too!  Between school work, cleaning, and running some errands, I hope to get it all done before yoga tonight.

So, to start off this post of curiosity, here is a catch up of my eats, as I know you are all curious lol

Breakfast before work. Banana whipped oats and green tea.

Morning Motivation (compliments to yogi tea)

Leftover kale soup.

Grandma’s Kitchen. Brown rice, red beans, peppers and onion, avocado. Soo good!

Today I awoke to a great quote!

This is just a snapshot of my retweet.  You must follow @disneywords and Me @yeseniaetez 🙂

Anyway, I always try to check twitter in the morning.  While most people are just starting off their day, they have more positive affirmations to share.  It’s a great way to motivate yourself and others!  This quote is especially awesome!

I find myself to be a very curious person.  I love to learn!  Of course mostly about nutrition, wholesome foods, physical nourishment, mental nourishment, and even spirituality.  I love yoga and find myself learning more about the teachings and language (Sanskrit)  of this ancient practice.  I’m curious about people.  People I’m surrounded by and also those who live across the world.  With that, I love to find ways to interact and help others.

Because of all this, I use up a lot of time.  Whether I like to admit it or not, I really do like to keep busy.  And it’s mostly of things I love and am curious about.  I was curious about health, and holistic nutrition.  Because of that, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  If I am going to fill up my time reading articles, learning about food, diets, spirituality, why not have something to show for it?  It took me awhile to let go of that fear, but it has helped so much!

If I’m not working or doing school work, I love to read.  I read articles on the internet, books about food, spirituality, or life in general, and of course blogs.  Reading about other peoples lives and doings, has inspired me so much, because like most, they started out as somebody who was curious and eager to find out more.  It’s a way to get yourself out there and pick up more ideas about different topics.

Living a vegan lifestyle, was inspired by curiosity as well.  I learned about the great impacts of a plant-based diet within the environment and people.  Then,  I was curious to retry and see the impacts with in my body.

My favorite vegan meal! 

What my problem has mostly been is putting my curiosity to effect.  So far, the improvements have been showing, and I know my family and friends see it too.  I’ve finally learned how to use my curiosity and make it effective, but trust me, I still have a long way to go.

I hope that curiosity keeps you alive.  To have the passion to learn, help, and improve the life and happiness of yourself and others.  Keep busy.  Learn. Work.  Volunteer.  Exercise.  Meet people.  Maybe you’re curious on how to relax.  Do it! There is always something to do! And it’s always important!


Till next time!





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