Short and Sweet

Hey Peeps!

Monday is practically over and I am so thankful!  Seriously, I never feel as if a new start is here until Tuesday  where I get everything settled.

I was kind of slacking on the picture department today, so this post is definitely going to be short in length.  I also happen to be extremely tired, so there won’t be much to say either.  But I’m going to still try and keep it informative!


Since I may have indulged quite a bit over the weekend, I wanted to keep my eats light and simple for today.  I had my quinoa parfait, nixed the almond butter though because I was actually trying to keep it light.  I knew I would be eating in a couple of hours anyways for lunch.  I was at work, so breaks are at there mercy.



For a last minute meal, I was pretty impressed with myself.  I put my sprouted toast and sunshine burger in the toaster, and while that was happening I shopped up some carrots and celery.  I topped my burger with some tomato, tahini, and lemon as a dressing.  It was soo good.  An apple to round out the meal, and I felt like I was back in grade school.  Pretty cute, huh?

After work there was an unaccounted for cliff bar.  Maple Oatmeal to be exact.  I was kind of hungry after work so it held me over till I was ready for dinner.


Momma’s Kale Soup!

Oh lawd!  Love my mom’s soups.  That’s one dish that kind of intimidates me.  I know it can be so easy, but somehow, I know that I can never get it like my mom.  Maybe it’s one of those heart-warming dishes that just taste better when other’s make it for you.  With love of course!  Anyway’s dinner was very light.  Some kale, carrots, and celery, with some cannellini beans tossed it, I felt myself detoxifying just looking at it!

Dinner was accompanied with school work.  I’m actually a little behind, so I’m making sure to be extra diligent about it this week.  A larabar (gingersnap) as a little dessert while I studied, was also consumed.  I always love to end the night on a sweet note 🙂

That’s it for today!  Just finished my ginger tea and now my bed it just feeling extra comfy.


Enjoy your night lovies!





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