Live it. Enjoy it.

Hellloooo lovelies!!

I hope you are all winding down from you’re weekend!  And if you’re still going, good for you!

My weekend was pretty good.  I got to enjoy my time with leisure which was awesome   Saturday, I was lucky enough to take a drive to see one of my friends from work.  The drive was relaxing, and my time there was even better.  I love being able to not worry about what I have to do, what time, and how everything is happening.

The Philadelphia Zoo

Louis, the gorilla

One of the girls and I have been saying we wanted to go to the zoo for the longest.  We finally made it happen when I came down on Saturday.  The Philadelphia Zoo seemed like a very family friendly place.  It was big, friendly, and was generally a nice environment to be in.  It was great to be so close to the animals.  Even though they are in cages, I tried to think of the positive side of things.  At first, I was kind of in shock.  That we looked at these creatures in awe, and wondered how happy they were in there.  I’ve been wanting to visit a animal sanctuary for awhile now, to reconnect with life and nature in another way.  The zoo helped me with that in another way.  Kids loved it, even adults!  To see different life-forms can be astonishing.  I see it as beautiful as well.  I tried not to look at it like the animals were caged in, but rather, most were rescued and kept safe from extinction.  I forget how some species are depleting.  I guess, being that I try to live a life a compassion and non-violence, especially with animals, this can be an over analization   But, I couldn’t help looking into a Gorilla’s eyes and seeing sadness, beauty, and hope.  They are the species most like us, humans.  It is crazy how sometimes we forget what else is out there.  If you’re looking to be amazed, and feel a little something, I wouldn’t rule the zoo as a bad place to start.  Plus you may even get to snag a healthy snack!

Red pepper hummus, pita bread, and apple. Not too bad!

The Dandelion

After the zoo, we decided drinks or food was in order.  Since we were already in Philly, we took advantage of ample nice, trendy, upscale bars.  The Dandelion was no exception.

Fall 2012!

Any place that offers a seasonal menu, is ok with me!  I loved being able to see ample choices filled with seasonal produce, free range meat, and mouth-watering plates.

 Caution:  Not the most vegan place, but I made do.  I learned that there can always be an appetizer or salad you may choose from, or even make a meal out of side dishes!  Always full of veggies.  Regardless, what I had was amazing!

House Cabernet. My go-to drank

Complimentary stout bread accompanied with olive oil and sea salt. Too adorable!

Dressed up beets in a jar, olive tapanade, and baguettes  Flavors were amazing!

Butter lettuce, dandelions, avocado, lemon vinaigrette. Light and yummy.

Vegan and Gluten Free! Coconut rice pudding, mango slices, and lime sherbet. O mah gawd!

Seriously, this place was great.  The food, atmosphere, and people are great.  Can’t wait to try other places in Philly.  They all looked poppin’!


Very chill, and very needed.  Woke up to do a quick conference call in the morning.

Simple breakfast. Toast and apple jelly (x2). Black coffee.

We watched Eat, Pray, Love.  I forgot how amazing, the book was.  The movie reminded me how I feel about my values.  Company, food, and peace is what I always strive to have the best of.  I might just have to pick up that book once more.

I came home to end the night with my family.  My mommy made dinner.

Butternut squash and sweet potato soup. Bread dipping was involved of course!

Serious brownie craving

If you’re ever in a dessert, I need something sweet now, bind.  This is your go to recipe.  Topped with coconut ice cream, it’s dangerous.


It is way past my bedtime.  Loved my weekend of friends, food, and family.  Honestly, that’s really all you need to relax and enjoy life for a little.

Hasta Manana!!



ps.  if there are typos, sorry! Too tired to read anything else!



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