Taking Shortcuts

Wassuppp everyone!!

Today was just another day.  A little quick run through.


I was not feeling it!  Kind of upsetting 😦  I really want to like this studio.  But every time I get hit with Bikram, I can’t get over the repetitiveness.  I’m good for the first hour, and then the last half hour, let’s just say I’m ready for savasana.  Since during class I was feeling extra tired and sluggish (too much suger the night before and early rise at 5 am)  I took my chance for a deep meditation.*


I have been slacking on my meal preparation game.  I’ve been either busy with yoga in the morning or “me time” in bed.  Both I have been selfish with.  So in 10 minutes, I packed my breakfast and made my lunch.

Ingredients and a bowl

I threw in my bag of instant oatmeal with all the fixin’s!  Got my banana, peanut butter, and cacao nibs.  Yum!  Cacao is basically raw chocolate.  Unprocessed and full of iron, magnesium, and feel good fuel.  I usually don’t care to use a microwave, but like I said, trying to relax.



Whoops!  Too hungry to take pictures!  An hour before lunch I noshed on an apple.  In the morning I made myself a white bean avocado sandwich   Basically just mash beans, avacado, lemon, and sea salt.  BAM!  Bangin’ lunch!  Once I inhaled that, I was finally thinking a little more clearly, so I remembered to take a picture of my snack.

Carrots and peanut butter(x2)

I just brought a carrot stick and used the peanut butter from this morning.  I was still pretty hungry, so somehow an extra 2 spoonfuls made it from the jar to my mouth.  So strange how that happens!  I was officially FULL 1o minutes later.


Dinner of champions

I wasn’t that hungry(thank you protein-fat packed pb), when I got home, so canned soup seemed like a good choice.  Reheated on the stove, served with some crackers I saw lying on the counter.  They tasted perfectly dry and stale, great for dipping, right?  Orange juice for sugar cravings and sickness prevention.

It wasn’t one of my finest days in the realm of fresh foods from the kitchen.  But, none the less, it’s a prime example on how one can still eat healthy when busy or on the go.  Instant oats, sandwiches, fruits and veggies are fast-foods that you actually benefit from!  Organic – low sodium canned meals are always good in moderation as well.  I can dig this once or twice a week.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a little more cared for.  I put a lot of love into my massaged kale!

Whenever things are getting crazy or you’re not feeling something.  Sit-back and relax.  Take some shortcuts once in a while.  Not just with food, but life.  When I’m not feeling a situation or not feeling to centered (this morning at yoga), I try to just close my eyes and breath.

*A little tip for a great feeling while meditating.  Put your hands over your stomach and breath deeply.  Feel the breath you take in expand your belly.  Feel your belly rise.  When you exhale, feel the belly fall.  It is beautiful.  Every time I do this, I feel so much appreciation for myself and life.  That I am able to have this body.  I have the blessing to cherish it, feed it, move it, and love it.  With my body and breath, I may help myself, and in turn help others.  Every time I do this meditation, I just remind myself of love and gratitude.  The more you do this, the easier your day, and hopefully days, will become.  Because in the end, you are still breathing and still moving.

Namaste peeps!



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