Living on the Edge

but not really….

Hi guys!  I hope most of you had an enjoyable Monday.  Whether you were working or off, I know they can sometimes be tough.  Mine wasn’t so bad.  Usually Mondays are a little harder for me to get together.  When usually people are getting ready for their week on Sundays, I usually do on Mondays.  Planning such as groceries, meal preps, cleaning, and laundry all either get done on a Monday or Thursday.  Those days just always seemed to work out for me.  Well, this Monday one of “those” days.  Very little groceries and very little planning.  But, I made it!


I didn’t plan my breakfast too well.  I was going to try and make myself oatmeal to bring in a jar.  By the time, I was in the kitchen packing my food, I just decided to throw the ingredients in my bag to make breakfast at work.  I just prayed that I would get there early so I could eat before I started.

Sprouted toast, pb, banana, and cinnamon. Simplicity.



Monday eats are slim pickins, and this morning my fridge didn’t give me any enthusiasm to try and get something together for lunch.  So, I knew I would be eating out for lunch.  My brother decided to come home for a few days since he was off from school.  So naturally, he needs to go shopping.  After visiting me at work with my mom, I got to eat lunch with them during my break!  Yay! If I’m eating out, I usually like to eat out with others.  You talk, savor the food, and let it last.

My Chipotle Salad!!! Veggie heaven every time!

I was starving since my breakfast was smaller than usual.  My vegetarian salad included lettuce (extra lettuce, please!), peppers and onion, black beans, tomatoes, corn, and guacamole.  Yum!  Chips and salsa on the side, and an Izze Soda to wash it all down.  I never really get anything other than my salad, but I can make an exception on special occasions 😉

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My mommy cooked!!  She’s usually off on Mondays, so if I’m lucky, I get a badass meal.

Spaghetti squash, white bean tomato sauce, and brussel sprouts. The first of the season!

My mom has gotten really good at cooking for everyone now.  For a while, when I first was on my healthy, vegetarian/vegan kick, I was pretty difficult.  Now we compromise.  I try not to fuss with the ingredients that she cooks with and she understands that I just crave good, healthy food.  As long at they’re veggies, whole grains, and maybe some beans, I’m a happy camper.


I planned to go to Whole Foods after work, for some late night grocery shopping.  Well, the weather had me change my mind very quickly.  Rain.  Whole Foods is a little more of a trip for me.  It’s farther, and when I go, I like to make the most out of it.  I love grocery shopping!!!  Farmer’s market are my go-to during the spring, summer, and fall.  I truly find it inspiring, as I do with Whole Foods too.  I love looking at all the products, and being able to try new things.  It’s a holistic foodies heaven   But today I decided to compromise and go to… Shop Rite!!  I haven’t shopped for food at Shop Rite in forever!!!  Like legit, veggies, pasta, juice,  and of course non food items.  It wasn’t too bad.  I knew this was a once in a while deal.  This week was just going to have to be necessities.  Everyone’s busy, so we do what we can.  It was actually nice to be “thrifty.”  Next time I just can’t forget my coupons 😉


After words a trip to Trader Joes and Starbucks to satisfy a crazy sweet tooth

Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte on the side.


Haven’t had this in almost a year! So excited!


So after not knowing what I was going to get all day, I survived.  Kind of felt nice.  Not having to plan or prep.  Sometimes, just trying to survive the first day of work is an accomplishment enough!  Who knows what tomorrow brings!


Peace out peeps!








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