How to be Vegan…

Hellooo Everybody!!

I hate to burst your bubble… but the weekend is ova!!  Well in my book it is.  I have had my pajamas on since 7 pm and have had the lights turned off since 8pm.  I just have to wait till it’s socially acceptable to actually say goodnight.  Oh, boy.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Mine was half and half.  To recap really fast, Saturday started off smoothly with yoga, manicure, and blow out (I don’t know how to blow dry my hair, and my mom is a hair dresser.  My life.)  To fuel my busy morning I had a filling breakfast, which is my new favorite breakfast.

Breakfast on the go. OIAJ with almond butta!

Then it was off to work, which was busy, and thankfully behind us.   I was starving for dinner which is probably why I forgot to take a picture.  I had a salad with avocado and tomato, Amy’s lentil vegetable soup (low sodium), and sprouted bread for dunking of course.  Nothing crazy, just filling.

Today I woke up.  I wanted to bake.  I didn’t go to yoga because I wanted freshly baked pumpkin bread for breakfast.  Instead I was informed that we were leaving at 9am sharp.  Bummer!  So instead my pumpkin bread turned into pumpkin oatmeal.

Topped with Crunchy Pb!

How to be Vegan at a Baby Shower

When I first started dabbling in a plant-based diet, a lot of planning, emotions, and questions arose during “difficult” situations.  One of them being family gatherings.

What do I eat?  What do I say?  Can I do it?  Will I cave?  Should I eat before?  Am I being rude?  What will people think?

Something that I was starting to feel passionate about, made me crazy and stressed.  That’s not what food is supposed to do.  I am a firm believer in eating what you want.  While some people feel guilty about eating that extra piece of cake (me included at times) most of the time, I felt tempted and guilty about eating dairy, period.  I hated it.  I wanted to be happy with the decision I was making and I awaited for the day to come when I would be able to handle the situations with acceptance and grace.  And so it did.  Without further or do, the How to be Vegan series.

The baby shower took place at an Italian restaurant.  I made sure to have a filling breakfast, since I figured it would be a late lunch (2pm is late for me).  My aunt said that there would be appetizers, salad, main dish, and dessert.  No matter what, I was not going to be hungry.  Like any good Italian restaurant there was bread and to my pleasant surprise, oil for dipping!  Love that combination.

I ate a lot of bread.  Usually I don’t, but since I wasn’t sure what else I would have, I just figured to go down town anyways.  They had brought out some appetizers such as a mushroom dish with parmasan 😦 bruschetta, and an antipasti.  The antipasti had cheeses, meats, and few veggies to nosh on.  I made do.

bruschetta, artichoke, and olive

We had an option for veal, chicken, or salmon for dinner.  I knew that I would be asking the waiter for a some kind of pasta and vegetable dish.  I thought it was the easiest and safest thing from the restaurant.  When it came to my turn, I really didn’t have to say much.  My aunt spoke right up and asked for a vegetarian option for me, and my mother kindly clarified no dairy.  It was nice to know that my family was determined to make sure I was eating.  I used to feel uncomfortable in these situations when ordering.  But now, I even kindly ask if there is butter in a dish.  Believe it or not, people don’t care.  Now a days, there are too many picky eaters to judge.  The waiter swiftly suggested Pasta Primavera.  Score!

Starter Salad with a Vinagrette

Mushrooms, peas, carrots, marinara.  Devoured.

And dessert.  Usually all my defenses were let down during this course.  I caved, gave in, and stuffed my face.  Since I rarely ate desserts like that when I was home, I felt the need to “indulge” when out.  So not necessary   I learned that I may not be able to eat dessert at a restaurant like the good ol’ days, but doesn’t mean I can never enjoy dessert again!  I can get coconut milk icecream on the way home, whip up a 1 minute chocolate mug cake, and top it with fruits, peanut butter, or even more chocolate.  I can have dessert whenever I want.  Although sometimes, when they put that plate right in front of your face with all that creamy sugary goodness, how do you refuse?  Well this kind of helped me…

Shiraz-Cabernet = drunk-love

I am not saying to substitute alcohol for desserts!!!  I am saying to find something to keep your mouth busy (read that with a little class, please) while everyone may be busy with their food.  Red wine has that rich bodied feel that I love and think is great when you want something to cap off a meal.  I had 3 glasses 1 glass throughout the meal, so even when the coffee came I refused that too.  Even though, sweet black coffee might have done the trick as well.

Every now and then there will be incidences where temptation is all around you.  It’s going to take a while to know how and when to refuse.  But in the end it comes down to why.  Stick to your guns(or palate) when it comes to your beliefs.  If you are trying to watch what you eat, you must learn how to do it willingly.  I would even go as far as saying passionately   I am passionate about veganism.  There may come a time when I am craving an egg and there is a time a place on when I will eat it.  If you are confident and proud of what your doing, how people look at you isn’t important, and temptations suddenly become a lot more easier to resist!

In the end, you just have to try and have a good time.  People are the focus.  Family and friends can most of the time make or break it.  It was nice seeing my family, my aunt looked gorgeous, and it seemed like everyone had a great time.  A pretty nice Sunday, when you think about it.

Now it is officially time for bed.  Enjoy your Monday Morning peeps!!



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