My First Bikram Experience

Helloooo readers!

Let me just say welcome and I am so happy to have started this blog! I’m excited to share my experiences, thoughts, and favorite things with the world (and by that, maybe just my family and few friends lol) Not only will I be letting you know about what’s going on and what I learn, but I plan to learn from my readers as well.

I thought we start off with yoga. Mostly because I took my first Bikram yoga class last night and I am just so excited to share the experience with you!

Some background about Bikram:
It started in the 1970’s by Bikram Choudhury, who said it help heal him and his injury, so this style yoga promotes general health. It is 26 postures and 2 breathing exersices that are practiced twice in a heated room of about 105F. Β It’s a 90 minutes of sweat. It is said to promote oxygen circulation within the blood, and help out the lymphatic system. This helps you get rid of infection, bacteria, and toxins within the body. Perfect! (I say this because right now I’m going through a “detox” for about 5 days. I thought I would save that for another post though.)

Now, times are rough, and this chica is getting cheap. I purchased a groupon for a local Bikram studio. For the record, I am a strict Hot Power Yoga yogi. I had been going to the same studio for about a year now and I loved it. The teachers and atmosphere were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about yoga’s physical and philosophical teachings. Yet, change was in order, and I thought maybe it is time to see what else is out there. There are TONS of yoga studios around my area, so I’m about to embark on a cheap, new student discount journey.

Back to my first Bikram experience though. It was alright. The teacher was nice as she greeted me at the front desk and showed me around. It’s pretty big, with a new shower-room and bathroom. The studio itself though is huge. I was running late, and nervous I would get a bad spot, but there were a lot of people there with plenty of room to spare. As I walked in noticing there were mirrors, I was a bit surprised. I haven’t practiced with a mirror in over a year. I depend on knowing my own body and the teacher’s help to make sure I am in the right position. Good thing I didn’t have my contacts in if not I would have definitely kept an eye on my crazy facial expressions during the postures.

Now the yoga instructor stood in the corner of the room the whole time! She didn’t practice nor move around that much. Although, a few she did come to me and asked if I new certain postures/exercises and corrected me on some things. I like that considering I was new and didn’t feel like looking crazy or breaking my neck. But it was the same. The postures I’ve done before, they might have had a different name or a different way of getting into them, but basically quite similar. So for an hour and a half I went from posture-to-posture. No flow. No music. No passion?

I’m used to wanting to make every movement beautiful. To focus on your movement with breath is a very meditative practice. There wasn’t really any concentration of breath unless it was the actual breathing exercise or in between postures, where she told you to breath slowly. Other than that, it was just regular breathing. I wanted my Ujjayi breathing damn it! I wanted music! I wanted a proper savasana!! At the end of practice, at the last pose savasana (corpse pose), the teacher said namaste and left. We were able to leave at our leisure. I’m used to oming, intention setting, a certain mantra/chant given from the teacher. But instead, I laid on the floor for 30 seconds and then people started leaving. NOOO!!! I wanted to meditate! Alas, I just picked up my stuff and went on my merry way after a minute.

It was different, maybe something I need to get used to. For a month or so, my sun salutations will take a backseat, my ujjayi breathing will soften, and some of my favorite postures will be sacrificed. Who knows. I am though going to stay with it. To see lightness and feel passion that I love to experience during yoga. Hey, it might have just been the teacher.

Feel free to let me know of any yoga/bikram experiences you have had! I would love to learn more about Bikram from other people’s practice and how they feel about it.

Namaste peeps!



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