My Spring Detox Part 1


Are you tired of this subject?  To be honest, I am.  I think it’s because I started late in the game, but I’m ready to for the warm weather to become consistent so all I crave is fresh vegetables and fruit!  Oh, I should probably mention that it was 80 degrees two days ago, and we woke up to snow this morning.  Mother nature, I am sorry for the way you have been treated, but why you gotta be so mean?

Can you tell I’m a little upset?  But, I shall remain positive and say, I am more than glad to be on this mini detox now.  For me, I waited until my body and finances were a little more in check.  More so my body though.  It was important to get rid of any monthly bloat and plan what I will be having over the next few days.  The cleanse I chose?  Whole food cleanse, high in raw foods.


My reasons.

  1. Finances.  It was cheaper for me to eat healthy most of the time than juice.  Don’t get me wrong, I did splurge on a few juices, but just a few and enough to get me through four or five days.  Focusing on maybe two a day.  When you sub a bunch of veggies for the usual groceries such as extra yummy sauces, dairy, and meat/fish.  It can actually come out almost the same.
  2. Pitta Problems.  During recent months, I have noticed my body becoming very overheated.  It has been that way for a while now.  Whenever I drink wine, eat heavy, or even eat a lot.  Generally, I am a little more cold than the usual person.  But simple things trigger my heating reaction, specifically on my face.  Redness, to rashes, my pores become enlarged and irritated.  I am using this detox as a way to see if I can cure/control this, if not inform myself more about it.  I am using a high raw food diet to do that.


So let’s talk about my first day!!!


I didn’t use my own advice on a pre-cleanse diet….  A diet full of white rice and flour, fish, eggs, and dairy the weekend prior, was not a good idea.  From somebody who is sensitive to those foods, I found myself less than comfortable that Monday starting my cleanse.  So much so, I didn’t even want to go to yoga.  I actually ate a little more so maybe the food would get things moving inside my stomach.  A couple of juices, salad, and canned soup were my drugs of choice.  For dranks it was a Ginger Kombucha and a lot of Eater’s Digest Tea.

*Side note* Did anyone see the lunar eclipse?  My special self woke up at 3am to see that blood moon, but all I saw was a cloudy night sky.  Tear.  Depending on your sign it was supposed to give you a certain reading and energy. I used this rare occasion to really manifest some kind of energy.  Some mantras and words to better cope with what has been going on around and inside me?  I’ve been really into astrology spiritual energy, so it’s something I hope to talk more about soon!

Tuesday was a better day.  I didn’t find myself as hungry.  I think my body was still trying to rid and digest the other foods I have been consuming.  For breakfast I had a a raw cereal with a a third of the Suja coconut milk (forgot to picture) and a small cup of green tea.  Lunch was an alright salad:


  • massaged kale and dandelions
  • sprouts and sprouted beans
  • radishes
  • quinoa
  • parsley
  • avocado
  • homemade dressing (share later on if perfected!)

So I’m trying to keep this up for a few more days.  If I eat out, I’ll probably go for the healthier whole foods option.  With a green juice first thing in the morning for a few days, I’ll hopefully be feeling a bit better in no time!

My biggest challenge:  Saturday morning if I can keep aways from Whole Foods scones and coffee ;)

Till next time!




March Happenings

Good morning!

So I thought I share with you some cool, yummy, funny, but mostly yummy photos.  March was the month I decided to turn my life around and do what I love, so why not share it over breakfast?


And I say breakfast, because I’ve been utterly obsessed with a good one all month long.  What started as a way to kick my sugar habit, has become one of my favorite breakfasts to enjoy.  Eggs please!  Mostly sunny side up, I love me a good yolk.



I made it a point to go out or even just hang out with some important people in my life.  Family and friends.  Sometimes it’s not all about food and 10pm bedtimes.


Except when it comes to birthdays.  Because cakes and cupcakes are a must.  It was my momma’s birthday this month and since she is kind of the bestest in the whole wide world, surprise cupcakes while she worked seemed necessary.  These were from Whole Foods Market.  They kind of tasted like cornbread?  But in the best possible way.

IMG_5741Chipotle Sofritas

Basically one of the best vegan options a fast food place can ever make in the middle of Jersey.  It’s the meat subsitute Chipotle has now and it’s so good.  I didn’t  notice they had it until they made my whole bowl.  Well, the lady must have saw me when it caught my eye, so she offered to plop it on.  That was before I knew they would charge you for guacamole now…..


These are a few of my favorite things… Actually, it’s just one, and that’s the sun.  Let’s restyle this and pretend there are sandals and a maxi skirt being modeled.  Hopefully in one month, the sun will be able to give my toes the tan they deserve, until then, flats and pants it is.


I got a new car, and decided to pimp it out like any real yogi would :)

How I let the world (or my humble amount of followers in social media) that I’m ready to go on in life being who I am and doing what I love.  Of course, it’s always going to be a work in progress, just like my yoga, it’s a practice.  All I hope for is a semi-graceful fall,  so I can always get back up and try again.




Warm Water and Lemon: Detox Everyday

Can we make this month detox month?  This week I think I am going with the theme of Every Day Detox Routines.  I saw that the oil-pulling post was so well received, I couldn’t wait to share my absolute favorite way to cleansing.  This is something that is great to start when actually doing a detox, but even better to keep as part of your daily routines

I talked about before how important hydration was first thing in the morning.  Even with just room temperature water before any coffee or tea will bring you towards the right direction.  But, I got something even better for you that I can promise you will love.




Warm Water and Lemon

Something I have been doing for a few years now, maybe four,  that I hate to miss every morning.  I have always had issues with my stomach and going to the bathroom.  My mother is the one who told me to try this in the morning to help symptoms.  I know that is very forward, but I have to be honest and say that I didn’t know the other half of the amazing benefits to this drink.  After doing this for quite sometime, I experienced better stomach and bathroom issues (with a better diet), more energy, and good feeling.

So let’s talk about the benefits

  1. Helps with digestion.  Of course I had to make this first.  Due to the warm water and lemon combined, you are getting starting off the day with something to get your system going and help flush out all the toxins first thing in the morning.  Your intestines accumulate a lot of toxins and waste from digestion of the previous day and all through the night.  Lemon water helps fire up your digestion again and get your bile flowing which also in turn, helps rid toxins within the intestines.
  2. Balance pH. Throughout the day our body becomes very acidic through the foods and toxins we ingest.  Consumption of foods like meat and cheese, to everyday pesticides and pollution cause this.  Lemon is an alkalizer that helps the body repair itself out of a much more acidic state.  As the body repairs itself, you are more likely to feel more energy and rejunivation in the morning.  More energy equals better feeling and practices, which help with a healthier (maybe leaner?) body.
  3. Helps fight colds.  Like many acidic fruit, lemon has vitamin C and potassium.  Potassium is great for brain function (my mother always told me to eat a banana before a test) and vitamin C is a great for your battling sickness and clearer skin.  Have you heard of a vitamin C mask?  On my to-do list.
  4. Combine with apple cider vinegar.  This took me a while to try.  My brother who suffers from bad seasonal allergies is convinced it has helped in through those difficult times in the year, that’s the lymphatic system doing their job.  For me, I read amazing things about apple cider vinegar, including how it also helps alkalize and detoxify the body.
  5. Combine with turmeric.  Turmeric heals the intestinal track system (your gut), through increasing bile flow and acting as a natural detoxifier.  It supports liver functions to help remove the toxin as waste. Decreasing inflammation and supporting muscle recovery is just an added bonus.

I really hope you guys try this!  If you already do, what side affects have you experienced?  Loved it?  Of course, everyone is different, so this might help you more with your skin than your stomach, or maybe give you more energy.  Either way, I feel detoxifying your intestines, liver, and overall body, is never a bad thing to try ;)





Oil Pulling: An All Natural Mouthwash

As I read more holistic health articles, I see more and more information on oil pulling.  I find this amazing.  All though I only started this in the fall of last year, I can’t imagine not doing this every morning.


So what is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an detox method that stems from Ayurveda.  By using oil as a mouth wash, you are ridding the toxins within your mouth and body everyday.  The oil acts to absorb any toxins inside your mouth, to even extracting toxins from inside your gut.

From extracting the toxins from your mouth, not only are you truly cleaning out your mouth, there are other benefits involved:

  • Strengthened gums and teeth
  • Sleek shine and feel on teeth
  • Whiter teeth
  • No bad breath
  • Better digestion
  • Healthier immune system

How to do it.

You can use either sesame or coconut oil.  I prefer coconut oil for a more mild taste and feel afterwards.  With about a 1/2 tbs of oil, you swish all through your mouth and in-between your teeth.  You do this for about 10-20 minutes.  Try your hardest to keep moving the oil around, it’s great exercise for your jaw as well.  DO NOT SWALLOW!  You want make sure all the toxins stick to the oil and not be digested.  Once you are done, spit in the toilet (you do not want clog your sink), and rinse with a little salt water.  I find this best to do this in the morning before I brush my teeth.

I believe your hygiene definitely affects your immune and digestion.  I feel the strength in my gums and teeth and have amazing cleaner feel in mouth every morning, that lasts throughout the whole day.  I think I drink too much tea and coffee to see some pearly whites.  I’ll take the health benefits anyway.

Have you ever tried oil pulling before?  I have to admit, I was skeptical for a long time.  I think if your curious, it’s worth to give it a try.  I’ve even heard how it may lead to softer glowing skin!

Sources:  John Douilliard, Life Spa

Why We Need A Morning Routine


Can I stress how much we take our mornings for granted?  Everyday we wake up to a new day to improve.  Whether it’s personal, at work, or home, we all start off our day thinking about what we have to do.  Do you every find yourself rushing?  Just going through motions?  It really doesn’t have to be like that.  We can make our mornings just as important and exciting as our whole day.

Morning routines can give many a sense of clarity and stability.  The way I like to see it, is that it is something we can control.  It’s just you and nature.  Before you have to deal with anyone or anything, I find it as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself.  Some may call it a routine, some may call it a ritual.  Whatever appeals to you, make it something that sticks with you and find important enough to appreciate.


Here are some tips or ideas to make your morning worth while.

  1. Arise before the sun.  Sooo, how do I explain this to make it more appealing?  If you already wake up before the sun for work maybe, then we are on the right track!  But, maybe we have to view it a bit differently.  Don’t you want to feel good about actually getting your day started with tranquility.  Try not to rush or get flustered from a short morning.  Before the sun rises, there is an energy given by the universe.  It’s an energy of stillness and awakening.  Wake up with nature!  Open your curtains, and let the light peek out as you start your day.
  2. Hydrate.  Seriously.  After you take care of hygiene, you need to give your body some water.  Your body probably went a good 7 hours with no hydration, and believe it or not, it did a lot of work!  Hydrate and flush out your toxins.  I do plan in going in depth with 2 of my favorite ways to detox in the morning, but for now, start off with room temperature water.  It’s fast, easy, and great before you have that morning cup’o tea ;)
  3. Whether tea or coffee, take time to enjoy it.  If you can enjoy it home with breakfast, great!  If you need to take it on the commute, make it as important as your commute.  By that, I mean really pay attention and enjoy.
  4. Gratitude.  I highly recommend to start your day with a little writing.  Whether it is something you were grateful for yesterday, or something about the day ahead, write it down.  It can be as simple as a warm bed at night, to a new job, or amazing exercise results.  There is so much to be grateful for, it is a great reminder in the morning to start another day to be thankful for.
  5. Move and meditate.  Stretch your body out.  Maybe a couple of stretches that you find most helpful in the morning.  Start with your head, shoulders, back, down to your legs and feet.  After, stay still for a couple of minutes.  Clear your head.  You need this before life’s checklist comes to mind.  I like to do this in child pose sometimes.  You may think you don’t need or have time for meditation, but that’s why I advise a couple of minutes to start.  When I first started, I used my phone to keep track.  You’ll be surprised how fast it can escalate to five minutes.



So what motivates you to get up in the morning?  What’s something you can’t imagine doing before your day begins?



Come Join Me in a Spring Detox Info Session!


The title says it all guys!

What have you heard about detoxes? I know when I first started hearing about main stream detoxes, the water with lemon, cayenne, and syrup one (was that even the ingredients?), was the thing to do.  Back then, I used to laugh at such an idea.  It may have worked for some, but never I!  Oh, have times changed.


There are so many different detoxes out there, sometimes even I’m skeptical about what really works.  The thing is most of them do.  It’s just finding what is right for you and what you think you may actually enjoy.  Yes, cleansing is supposed to be enjoyable!  A spring detox should leave you feeling light, clean, fresh, and rejuvenated!  It’s spring after all!


If you are looking for a way to jump start your healthy and fit lifestyle, there is really no better time than with the change of season, specifically towards spring.  With the days longer and nature blooming, your energy and need to shed away those winter blues (and insulation) is here. Now is the time, because I will remind you, summer is around the corner.  And if your anything like me, or just human, all the hibernation, plus extra winter hardy food and fats, are still hanging on tight to your organs/hips.  Cleansing is an amazing experience and if you are interested in knowing a little bit more about one, please don’t hesitate!


SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014:  If you are in the Central/North New Jersey area, join me as we chat about spring cleansing and hopefully I’ll get to answer some questions you may have.  For the time and place please visit the Events Web Page.  You may RSVP there as well.

Don’t live around the area?  Can’t make it?  Let me know and I can send you some helpful information you may have missed!  Contact me here or email me!  Information is on my Holistic Practice Page.


Changes and Kicking the Sugar Habit!

Good morning everyone!!


Hope everyone has been enjoying their week so far!

So, I would like to introduce you guys to my blog once again.  I am trying to recreate this site to be almost more informational, if you will?  I guess since I’m taking a different path now, I only want my blog to follow along!  Sometimes, I miss posting my every day foods, and talking about oatmeal, and my ginormous lunches, but again, it’s time.  I want to share useful information, beautiful pictures (my photography skills are improving, thank you Instagram), and everyday life stuff I am enjoying .  I will try and blog more often, because I noticed I have a lot to share!  Can you blame a gal who likes to talk ;)  Thought I would just mention.  I do tend to change my style a lot.  Clothing, writing, eating, I’m going to try it all.  Join me?

I thought we take a break from detoxes.  I was thinking about it so much, I almost gave myself anxiety!!  I still am excited, but I’ve been meaning to share what I’ve really been working on.  Kicking my sugar habit!!!!

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?  I always loved sweets, like really loved.  I was the girl who always needed a sweet breakfast such as oatmeal, cereal, waffles, and fruit.  Eggs was brunch.  I also always needed desserts as well.  How can one have a full blown amazing dinner and no cake afterwards?!  That seemed absurd.  The only reason I started baking was when I went vegan and just wanted some damn vegan cake and cookies!  I had to kick that nasty habit.  And I thought now was the perfect time.  Isn’t that always the case?


Here’s what I’ve been doing

  • Breakfast is officially brunch.  As in I started having eggs.  This has been working out for me, especially during the times that I do have dessert the night before.  The fact that I’m not fueling my body with just wheat and fruit (which actually is sugar and sugar), but rather a solid protein and veggies, helps with getting the sugar out of my system.  Another reason:  Since I’ve been waking up later, I wake up hungry.  My breakfasts have become pretty caloric, so it always lasts me till a later lunch as well.


  • Coffee.  Here me out.  Yes I tried to cut it out, and eventually I still plan to.  Coffee has that bit of caffeine to get you started.  I keep it black in the morning.  One cup a day.  This helps to awaken and keep going without extra food or drinks for a good portion of the day.  After lunch, I stick to tea and fruit.
  • Fill up!  Especially on the weekends.  Those days are usually family big dinners for most people.  I make sure to have a decent breakfast and lunch so I am not starving at dinner.  I eat GOOD at dinner.  When satisfied, your body will not crave something sweet.  If a must, share! And, if wine was present during dinner, skip dessert.  Wine has enough sugar.  Be careful though.  I hadn’t had much sugar in a few days, so when I made the mistake of having a couple of glasses of wine during dinner, I definitely felt it the next day.  It was the sugar!

I strongly encourage homemade goodies.  All of the sudden they don’t seem to count.  And you end up sharing so much of them, because you just want to spread the love, you won’t be able to eat half a dozen muffins by yourself ;)



What has worked for you guys?  What habits did you have to kick out?